Random Tashl7ît Words

Throw in Tashl7ît words you know, along with their translations.

This will be an on-going topic for learning random words in Tashl7ît.

manki ant get - how are you for a girl? :smiley:

i think walou is also tashl7it… and it means nothing(?)

also eder is a berber name apparently and it represents something like when a mother loses her child during pregnancy, she names the next one eder or (idir) … feel free to correct me if i’ve got it all wrong, but thats what i was told by my miser soussi folk :mdr:, he also said its quite a supersticious practice by some berbers only… humorously he told me it works … of course muslims believe whatever happens, it does because Allah swt allows it to and i was astonished to hear that some people believe that naming the child eder gives it life (!) but of course its just a cultural practice and noone takes it seriously… or do they? :unsure:

thought i’ll share that with you all

salam :slight_smile:

I think you are right :slight_smile: Walou should be an Amazigh word though it’s used in the Moroccan dialect !. As far as i know , Moroccan dialect is a mixture of Arabic , French and Berber. I gotta make reasonin n say that Walou is neither Arabic nor French ! Alors c’es Amazigh !. Walou means nothing ! you are right Ayse.

concernin Eder:), it’s a Berber or Amazigh name which means sth like survivor:) . Concernin the legend u just said lalalala am not sure hehe :smiley: . It may have existed years b4 but not now !.

that was so interesting MPM and abdessamad! WOW :smiley:
and, wow wow wow, that possibly means our idir (the singer) is a survivor :hap:
this is so interesting; i love it!

idir means “he lives”. some other words are ADRAR for mountian, YUL for heart, TIMENSIWEN for good evening or good night EH for yes, OHO for no

mellal --------> it should be “White” as (beni mellal…)

ima kmi = “and you?” :hap: abdessamad taught me that!

interesting, pppppl dont let this thread die, plzzz keep hitting it up with some words… especially u amazigh ones!!! :smiley: SM, lets hear some vocab from u deary :hap:

Sure :D.

This will be really random. Get ready:

Woman = Tamghart.
Man = Argaz.

Yes, for feminine.
Imma kiyyi = And you? (m.s)

I hope that it will not get too chaotic in here with words flowing in.

Hmm… same root, but the word for white is actually: imlloul.

Well done, I see that you learned some vocabulary from your stay in Tiznit :).
Some corrections:
ôl is heart. And in my region, we say ya for yes.

Ya and oho are definitely a must to know by every beginner.

One more word for you fellows, this one EVERY Moroccan actually knows, because it’s a survival word :^^:.
Aghrôm = Bread.

LOLLL thankyou!
i feel confident that i can go now, and i will manage with one word… aghrom :smiley:

Hand = AFOUS
Old man = AMGHAR
Foot = ADAR

Than Ks Zzaina! :slight_smile:


you’re welcome tukha. i’d like to say you’re welcome in chel7, but i don’t know how. it’s not ulac aghilif like tamazight, maybe it’s bla _____? 3afak, how do you say it?

azul aymazighne---------> is this for welcome? :eye: