New member!!


My name is Wesam. I am born in Canada, to Moroccan parents.

Found the site, just browsing around, and thought I would join.

I visit Morocco once or twice a year. Been their ~15-18 times.

I can speak the language pretty fluently, but cannot read or write in Arabic. I can read the english version of darija, translate, and reply.

I also speak it with my parents all the time, and family when I call back home.

Thought I would join to improve my spelling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work on the site!

Welcome Wesam! Do you still live in Canada? Beautiful country!

Thanks! Yes I still live in Canada.

Would love to live in Morocco though, as the weather is a lot nicer their. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome with us Wesam, and nice to meet you :slight_smile:

It depends a bit where you are in both of the country. I’ve lived one year in Winnipeg, MB.

Thanks, loubnaybtissam, nice to meet you.

nuwwara, do you still live in Canada, or are you in Germany?

I lived in BC, and Alberta. Now I live in Ft. McMurray, AB. Gets pretty cold during the winter, and pretty warm during the summer.

O and I forgot to mention, my family is from Agadir in Morocco.

I’ve always thought that BC has pretty good weather. No, I’ve just been there one year as an exchange student and unfortunately never made it to visit Canada again.

Oh I see. Are you a Moroccan living in Germany?

BC is very nice in the south, in the North it can get pretty cold in the winter.

Ssalamo 3alaykom. Mr7bâ bîk m3ânâ Wesam. I hope that you will like it here :).
I am from Agadir too. So do you know the city very well? Isn’t your family Berber?

Alaykom salam.

I know the city alright, we have a place in Jet Sakane area. I was able to get where I wanted via car, without getting too lost.:stuck_out_tongue: Casablanca on the other hand :S

No my family is not Berber.

No, I’m German.

Ah ok. So, than you have lived in the North?

Yea I lived in the North of BC for about 5 years. Lived in central alberta for about 14 years, and now live in northern Alberta.

:smiley: Wow, it’s funny to see Jet Sakan mentioned here. Agadir is THE place to be. Lâ 3alâqa with Casablanca.
Thank God there are “petit taxis” everywhere, so whenever I get stuck, there is someone who get on on the right way.

:smiley: I take it you don’t hear from many who live near you? It was funny, this past August when I was their, you just mention Jet Sakane, everyone knows where it is.

Yea the taxis are a good way. This past summer was the first time back on my own with just my brother and no parents, it was quite the experience. I swear every “rompa” looked the same for the first few days, especially at night. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I don’t meet people from Agadir that often on the Internet. Actually, just a few people so far, I even met some of them since we happened to be around in the city and stuff.
Jet Sakan is pretty known of course, since it’s new.

HAHAHAHAHA @ rompa! That IS so good!

LOL, I managed to navigate by knowing where the “La Cote” was, “Marjane”, and “Aswak Assalam” and of course McDonalds.

McDonalds, I have been there only twice… Not my kinda thing.
Poor you, all those rompas from Jet Sakan to Aswaq ssalam, especially if you go on shari3 Hasan I at first, you’d get dizzy before you know on which one to turn left :D.
You don’t go to souq l7dd?
So you can’t manage to go to Aourir on your own?

Ahh, yea McDonalds isn’t too good for you. HAHA.

Yea it was quite comedic, wondering if I already went on that rompa, or if it was the other one lol.

Yes I have been to souq l7dd bezaaaafff! Biggest problem their is finding parking, or crossing the street.

I am sure, if I was given a brief run down/directions I would be able to make it their. Just don’t remeber some of the names of certain areas. Agadir is not a big city, just getting used to the layout can be slightly tricky; as in Canada almost every corner/street is labelled.

I have travelled to Taroudant, and up to Rabat and most of the cities in between, by following family, and I have those memorised, and didn’t get too lost getting around.

You write English very well, do you currently reside in Agadir? Where did you learn English?

I once got a hamburger from McDo to take home. By the time I arrived home, the cheese was sticky and all yellow. That ended my story with McDo. McDo hamburgers are not food! Tajine is the food :D.

I love souq l7dd! I always look around, and I am pretty sure I’ll meet someone I didn’t see in ages. A high school teacher, a primary school classmate, whoever!
You’re right about streets being labeled, we are not there yet in Morocco. You can’t get your way relying on maps, you constantly have to ask people, or take a taxi. At least in Agadir, people wouldn’t give you wrong directions like others do in Rabat :D. (Wink wink to all Rbatis in the house… if any!)

Thanks for the compliment on my English. You must read me when I am real sleepy, or real hungry. I write like a first grader :D… American z3ma :D. I lived all my life in Agadir! I learned bits of English from school, bits from TV, and most from practicing.
Do you speak French?

Yea that is McDonalds for you loool.

Ana 3jbni jaj hmra! Wou tajine ma3 zitoun, jilbana, wou btata. :stuck_out_tongue: OK my mouth is watering now…

LOOOL American.

No I do not speak French, I took one year of it though when I was in school. I wish I would of continued with it, as it would be good to know when travelling in Morocco. Or the time when I had a French guy, getting angry at me for taking the Jet Ski 5 minutes over limit; this past summer. I had to tell his worker “sa7bi, goul l hada ma kan hder hta chi Francai. Gouli7 ay skout 3liya” lol.

Sorry for the spelling, hence why I am here. :stuck_out_tongue: