look who it is wa3m =)

salaaaam everyone, ramadan kareem . inshaAllah all is good, i’m a new member (as is obvious) and i intend to make new moroccan and wannabe-moroccan friends :stuck_out_tongue: i am a moro wannabe myself so dont be offended anyone =] and want to learn the language and culture inshaAllah… its similar in many ways to my culture also… if u have any questions feel free to ask =))

take care evrione… <3 salam

welcome here Monpaysmaroc. :slight_smile:

mar7ba bik MonPaysMarOc ! :welcome:

where are you from??

MONPAYSMAROC be my frienddd :smiley:
i’m a fellow wannabe-moroccan :wink:

WElcome to the forum!
where r u from?

hehe chukran u all for the warm welcomes, wellll i’m Turkish but living in australia =) and tukha i’ll be pleased to be a friend of urs :)) merci


yaaaay awww thankyouu :smiley:
so how’s life in australia ??
d’you like it there ?? :slight_smile:

hehe wellll life here is really calm and no liveliness… its good if you want to relax but not good if ur a social and people loving person… well i grew up here so i obviously somewhat feel attached to it and therefore i like it, but i prefer to be in a more vivid and lively country like morocco or anywhere in the gulf maybe.

WOW :slight_smile: it’s nice to be in a quiet place, but it can drive you crazy if you’re sociable, you’re right :stuck_out_tongue:
well have you ever been to morocco ?? i’ve never ever been :frowning: but inchallah one day :smiley:

Welcome to the forum, MonPaysMaroc. :slight_smile:
The forum is getting really really international we’re having members from almost everywhere in the world. We already have a member from Australia, by the way.
What makes you interested in Morocco? That’s a question I always ask to our new members, because I am a curious one ;).

You know what’s Turkey doing to Arab countries right now? Morocco included, me excluded :D. It’s all from Nour, Mohannad and the like. Do Turkish people abroad or in Turkey even watch those series?

What’s that in your signature? It somehow reminds me of the song “kont njma dawya bl7kma w tetmayl kif nnghma”. Wow, I love that song, mainly for the very powerful lyrics and the very stylish Darija. Do you know it? I forgot who sings it…

I forgot to ask, what’s that “wa3m” in the title? I failed to guess…

LoooL so many questions , ok i’ll start answering: wa3m is like wa3mmi which means my uncle(?) in lebanese its ya3mmi and i was told in darja its wa3mmi… sorry for the confusion if its spelt wrong or something. its basically just an expression when someones excited etc.

tukha i’ve never been to morocco and inshaAllah one day i will. i love it too. Annnd the people =]

ok why i love morocco? WHY WOULDN’T I ?? LoL its an amazing country, with a fabulous history, culture and nature. and you moroccans make it all the better =)

yes yes i know about nour and mehmed and how they have captivated the minds of young arabs … lol… no not every turk likes or even watches that show, there are much better ones on turkish tele. but i have to admit most turkish girls adore mehmed… not me though, i prefer the more tanned version of a male specie :^^:

my signature is from Ahmed Soultan’s song Kounte Saber… but i dnt know which song you have there… lol

and its ok to ask questions, i’d like to answer any, if you still have some.

bsalama for now =]

salaaaam again :hap:
how you doing ?? hope you’re doing gooood :smiley:
inchallah you willl !! :slight_smile: and inchallah i will tooo :lol:
yeahh i’ve heard about all this nooor business … alhamdulillah i’m not a keen TV watcher [especially arabic/satellite TV] so i’ve never watched this stuff … glad of it :stuck_out_tongue: it’s quite scary what it’s done to people and i will never get it !! :slight_smile:

hehehe ur right =]

and yeah inshaAllah :wink:

hamdulillah ana la bas :stuck_out_tongue: wnti? :hap:

hamdoullah, me tooo, labass :smiley:
how’s australia doing ?? :slight_smile:

uhmm, btw i hear nour n mohannad film stuff was not a success in turkey, but in the arab world!

hmm Australia is one minute cold, one minute hot :smiley: its freakkyy…

well it was quite successful in turkey too, but not as much as it is in the arab world … and in turkey its called GUMUS not nour xD

ya i know :smiley:

that IS freaky !! :lol:
well, it’s like that in manchester :smiley:
you think it’s summer until it starts RAININGGGGGGG :stuck_out_tongue:

haha i see, i guess the two cities share the same climate…