just saying hello to everyone ;D

hey all !!
my name’s tukha, i’m a 17-year-old iraqi muslim girl living in manchester, and i’m new to this forum [i joined yesterday] …
looking forward to being an active member here :wink: it looks amazing from what i’ve seen, and i’m grateful to those helping out xD
can’t wait to get learning, and maybe even start to help others :slight_smile:
thanks everyone, wasalaaam !!

salut à tous !!
je m’appelle tukha, j’ai 17 ans, je suis irakienne, musulmanne, et j’habite à manchester… j’ai juste joint ce forum hier, je suis nouvelle …
j’espère être une membre active ici :wink: ce forum me semble tout génial d’après ce que j’ai lu, je suis trop appreciative à ceux qui aident xD
j’attends apprendre avec impatience, et peut-être commencer à aider les autres :slight_smile:
merci à tous, wasalaam !!

[correct any of my french, while you’re here, anyone] :D:D

  • tukha

Mar7ba bik tukha nawwarti elforum ! :welcome:

hey Tukha!
Welcome 7abibiti!
shako mako
shlonech ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mar7ba bik a Tukha!

[color=#E81E16]j’ai juste joint ce forum hier/ j’attends apprendre avec impatience [/color]:flag:
Je viens juste de rejoindre ce forum depuis hier./ J’aimerais commencer à apprendre avec impatience. :okay:

By the way, you’re French is so good, I’m surprised! :smiley:

hiba aww shukran enti lmnawra :wink:
maroc hamdllah zeeena, makoo shee, winti shlonech ?! :stuck_out_tongue:
lawrence thanks for the corrections, and thanksss xD

oooh i was ‘yallah jit’, then i was sooo happy when i became ‘bdit nwllf’ and now i’m happy cos i’ve moved up to ‘mwllf nit’ … except i don’t know what that means :frowning:

[quote=tukha]hiba aww shukran enti lmnawra :wink:
maroc hamdllah zeeena, makoo shee, winti shlonech ?! :stuck_out_tongue:
lawrence thanks for the corrections, and thanksss xD[/quote]
walla ana zeina elhamdilillah!

bdit nwellf: starting to get used to the forum
mwllf nit: used to the forum

aww thanks for that
yaaaay mwllf nit :smiley:

Tukha, welcome to the forum. Mr7ba bîk m3ânâ! And wow, what an active member! I am glad you found us :). You truly are a Morocco fan. Any story behind it? What makes you interested in Darija and Morocco?
You know that mwllf is masculine, it should be mwllfa for you. Nit is for emphasizing.

Girls, what’s shako mako? Is that “how are you”?

HEY SM :slight_smile: awwww thanks so much that comment made me smile :smiley:
yeaaaah, the credit goes to hiba who introduced me to this AMAZING place [which feels like home to me wallah] :hap:
there’s no story, really - i’ve always been a FRENCH-lover [been studying it for 7 years now, this year is my 8th, and i shouldn’t even still be doing it, i should have dropped it, but i kept it up still] and i don’t really like english music because it all sounds the same and meaningless words [MOST of the time] so i started listening to french music - zaho, tunisiano, amel bent, wallen, idir … etc etc
and i reeeeally liked how successful the maghrebiens were in france, how much they were doing for french music … ALL my favourite french music is by maghrebien artists … i LOVED zahooo, so i almost fell in love with algeria - i loved the oriental music in lots of french tunes and that sparked my interest in the maghreb :slight_smile:
i like the three, algérie, maroc, tunisie, but morocco has to be my favourite :wink:
and that’s it, really :smiley:
WOW thanks for the word explanations, i was wondering what each meant, but i didn’t wanna be a nuisance by asking again :stuck_out_tongue:
shako mako is iraqi, short for ‘shinu ako, shinu ma’ako’ which is literally ‘what is, what isn’t’ so yeah, basically ‘how are you, what’s going on?’ kinda thing :ok:

:D:D:D xxx

Aha, so you’re from Hiba’s side. Ya ahleen w sahleen, w mar7abteen :D. Our friends’ friends are our friends. Some tea? Take that cookie with honey, it’s great!
You’re not a nuisance, ask all you want. You’re fluent in Iraqi although you’re living abroad, right? I watched the other day a news video about an Iraqi young girl who stopped her suicidal attempt, and how much did I understand? :hm: Oh my! When you don’t understand a language/dialect, you say that the people are speaking too fast. Well yeah, Iraqis speak too fast then! :hap:
Thanks for the explanation as well, I wanted also to ask about the exact translation, but didn’t want to be a nuisance -lol-.
I got that shako = Shino ma3ako. But what about mako? Shino mo ma3ako? Interesting!

And oh, bla 7lôf (no need to swear), I believe you :). Do you watch Moroccan TV? Amel bent was on TV this Ramadan in that camera cachée show. It was fun. I like her song “ma philoshophie”. I like also a song of Zaho’s (…). I am not that much familiar with Tunisiano, will probably give his music a try… later. :slight_smile:

YESSS me and my sister love ‘ma philosophie’ we always sing and dance to it :lol:
yes, i’m fluent in iraqi, learnt it at home :slight_smile: wish i could say the same about darija :wink:
i do watch some moroccan TV, we only have one or two moroccan channels - i was dumbstruck - really didn’t understand a thing … but inchallah i’ll keep at it :D:D
OOOOH which zaho song do you like ?? i love ALLLL of zaho’s songs, basically :lol:
tunisiano is gooood, he is a rapper, i HATE rap usually, but he raps about such real issues, that’s what i admire about him …
that’s what i like about french music - it’s so real generally :smiley: that’s why i like it more than stupid english :stuck_out_tongue:

also, thanks for the cookies - i LOVE cooookies, even though i’m NOT hungry right now, but sofra dayma [any special moroccan way of saying that] in iraqi it’s 3aashat eedich [may your hand live, literally, LOL - as in, the hand that made the food] :slight_smile:
and also, i just realised my explanation didn’t make sense … ‘shako’ is ‘shinu ako’ [= what is there] and ‘mako’ just means ‘not there’ … :slight_smile:
but overall, it’s basically ‘what’s up’ :smiley:
and alsoooo tunisiano, my two favourite songs by him [probably the only ones i listen to, actually, apart from ‘citoyen du monde’ with zaho …] are ‘le regard des gens’ about how ‘le regard des gens’ affects you and the way you present yourself … how you can suffer just by LOOKING ‘different’ etc … very beautiful lyrics and meaning and video :slight_smile: i partly also like this because unlike other rap songs, the chorus has a nice melodic voice [that of amel bent, actually :D] to balance out the rap … besides, the rapping he does on this track isn’t too strong, so it’s fine for me :hap:
and the other is ‘je porte plainte’ - a little stronger rapping, more shouting and ‘angry’-sounding etc … but he is talking about the police-force, how they don’t even follow their own laws, how they treat people, how they go about punishment in the wrong ways and see themselves above normal civilians … etc etc :wink:
ohh, and amel bent is in the video for that, along with soprano, and LOTS of other famous french artists etc :smiley:
the video for this is, again, striking and i liked it :smiley:

hope you enjoy these - i only have heard, properly, one of his others, ‘équivoque’ and it was a catchy tune but i didn’t see a clear meaning and i didn’t particularly like the video … :no:

thank you tukha and SM :hap:

thank YOU hibaaa :hap:

yaaaaaaaay et maintenant, je suis ‘SMnaute confirmée’ :smiley:

c’est quoi, une SMnaute ?? :smiley:

SM vient de SpeakMoroccan. Naute vient de Internaute. Donc le tout donne: Utilisateur de SpeakMoroccan ;).
To answer your question, the only song I know of Zaho is “C’est chelou” (ces façons qu’elle a de te regarder, c’est quoi ces manières de t’appeller bébé… ^_^…)

I know the expressions sofra dayma and yeslamo edeeki, but not 3ashat eedich :D.
So is “Ako khobz?” a correct expression for: “is there some bread?”? Or I totally missed the point?
I know what shaako maako stands for now, but I like it to understand things in detail ;).

I know Soprano, and I like some of their songs. I like mostly “imagine-toi”. Trop forte comme chanson. I also like those songs that attract you with meaningful lyrics instead of just catchy melodies. I’ll keep Tunisiano in mind for discovering later.

awww thanks for the explanation - it feeels good to be an SMnaute :hap:
and WOW you stuck ‘c’est chelou’ in my head now … that was the first zaho song i ever heard, and i loved it and that’s how i fell in love with her :lol: and i started listening to all her other songs tooo :smiley:
ako khobz = spot on, yep, ‘is there bread’ :wink:
you’re like me … i want to know what each letter means :stuck_out_tongue:
YEAHHH i love imagines-toi tooooo :D:D:D
and just like me, it’s all about les paroles for me, if they’re stupid, i don’t wanna hear the song :slight_smile:
and that’s why when i first come across a french song, i get my dictionary out, and wordreference.com, and google if i must :wink:
do keep him in mind - you’ll like him cos your music taste sounds like me :smiley:

take caree x

3ashetttttttttt- I love this word!
i use it soo many times