hey yall!!

I’m a southern belle from mississippi. I’m here to learn at least a little darija, my fiance is from agadir and I’m tired of sitting at Starbucks and not knowing what him and his friends are talking about.:wink:

hahahhahahha welcome among us … its not always a good idea to understand what they r talkin about looolll
anyway … have a look at the old lessons we have here in the forum and feel free to ask any question :wink:

owww welcome here u will learn for sure and if u need any help u can contact me i would be glad to help u:^^:

thanks, i need all the help i can get. i think you may be right about not wanting to know what they are sayin, they can be bad little boys.

hahahahah yeah but its good to surprise them with some darija hheheheheheh i really wanna c their faces after hearin u talkin in darija :stuck_out_tongue:

after two yrs ive picked up some but nothing spicy.

Welcome among us :slight_smile:

What I suggest for a start is to learn some fillers… so when they think that you’re sitting there and getting nothing, you’ll actually jump in and say “fehemt kolshi” (I got it all, I understood everything)… hhhhh they’ll all fall off their chairs

a belle???

is this u

almost me but im a little cuter, dark brown hair and brighter blue eyes but shes about my size.

love the dress, niiiiiiiiice

how many dresses like that do u have?

oh who am i kidding im not a belle im a freakin redneck!!

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mtcherfin redneck ( mtcherfin = nice to meet u )

oh, im so glad you translated that, it looked like you called me something awful.

looolll no no no i dont insul in darija … i like to insult in english :stuck_out_tongue:

mississippi?? I was just reading an extract from Twain’s Life on the Mississippi… Anyways, welcome and nice to have you here

Hope you’ll enjoy your time inchallah :slight_smile:

ps, i dont know why foreigners though words with ch or sh offensive. U reminded me of s1 I thought she was muslim so I told her inshallah, and she thought it offensive too…

Welcome anyways…

wow love that dress!! :ok:

thank you and i was playing about the insult. i have an odd sense of humor.
I live in misssissippi and i work for a company that operates on the mississippi river ( a casino). Mark Twain is a favorite here to read in school. We are known to have more authors to come from our state than any other in the US and its goes almost the same for singers and athletes. We ain’t so dumb after all.

how odd it is ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

well…when we go out in public i walk at least 10 steps behind him:^^: so as to make people think that he makes me. i call him pedro because everyone always mistakes him for a mexican. sometimes for a good laugh we act like im the foreignor and can’t speak english so he translates and i just nod my head:ok:. we created an imaginary restaurant couscous fez (its like pizza hut) and when we are really bored we…

loooollll so funny
im curious to know whats behind those … :stuck_out_tongue: