Hello Evryone, I'm Going To Need Lots Help With Translation

Happy To Find This Forum
Good Day To Evrybody!

welcome lavinia :wink:
ull find a lot of help dont worry :slight_smile:

yes yes you’ll “fine” a lot here… “a zine”

WELCOME :slight_smile:
hope you like this place…

lmaoooooooooooo you’re shifty a mad i got u xD

duuude i dont understand u :open_mouth: what the hell r u talkin about :^^:

ks ks ks ks sor3a fl ada2 hein???

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh khalliha baynatna :stuck_out_tongue:

saaaaaaaaaaafi a l7ajj :lol:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhh wa memnou3 l3ya9a nti lewla be3da :smiley:
btw niger jat m3ak :stuck_out_tongue:

hhhhhhh kifaaaaaaaaah? :confused:

ach kat3awd assi?

mafhemt wéééééélouuuuu jjjj jjjj jjjj :^^:

:stuck_out_tongue: rak fahmani w fahmek :stuck_out_tongue: bla man3i9ou 3la be3dyatna hhhhh






:smiley: 6000 isa

achmn isa?

malk m3a rassk ? kolchi isa :stuck_out_tongue:

loool mafhmtinich akhay… bghit ngol lik “achmn 3333isa?” ya3ny 3isa hna wla 3isa tmma? wla 3issa f lzen9a aw 3isa fl benka? 3isa ttwil wla 3isa ssghir?

:blink: :blink: :blink:

ana magoltch 3isa … g bien di ISA :wink:

i know, but 3isa is spelt isa in english, we don’t have 3ayn u know… i thought i’ll confuse myself and u too and talk about 3ammo 3isa

and i don’t even get how inshallah becomes isa, it’s so not a logical abbreviation…