Exercise 1: Understanding Tashl7it - Translate into English

I’m not sure about it but i think it’s something like this;

Do you want to follow me to the nice/beautiful house :unsure: ?

If you mean house (tggm) , then it should be – tigimmi

Azul Tafoukt,

I am a bit unconfortable to have to say this, but you are not exactly right. To be honest , i have to admit that you are still far from the right meaning´… sorry :blush:

Here comes some help:

“gg” is a verb and means “be, exist”

ggh = I am ( stem of verb + gh)
tgit = you are (t+verb+t)
iga = he is ( i +) (The a is only because it is easier to say the word with it)
tga= she is ( t +) ("" “” “” )
n + = we are
t+m = you are (m) // t+mt = you are (f)

  • n = they are (m) // + nt = they are (f)

tmena is also a verb and means “hope” - so tmenagh is - ?

Have another try - you will find out :sman:

HAHAHA ouups how embarassing :stuck_out_tongue: :oops:

Thanx for the hints :okay: :hap:

Okay i think it is ;

I’m hoping that you’re nice/good

Heja Tafoukt

yeah, you got it :okay:

another one ?


Yes please keep 'em coming :slight_smile: :hap:

Here comes another one. But i will be not here till after the 29.7… have a good time…

Rad am fkegh imik n aghroum.

Ar fllak tsellamgh


Azul Kazin :slight_smile: and tanmmirth :okay:

“I will give you a piece of bread”

Have a great vacation :beach: :hap:

Heja there

YES thats right ! :okay:

How about " Tabrat ad tga tin Tafoukt"

And please, one sentence to think about for me also…


The letter from the sun/The sun’s letter.

Sorry Kazin :oops: here’s a sentences for you :slight_smile: ;

“Righ ad zrigh permino inchallah, s loqttin inchallah rghigh adskar tigimmi ino.”

Azul tafuid

tabrat ad tga tin tafuid - means - This letter is for Tafuid (and as tafuid means “sun” your translation is (almost) correct :D)

Help me a bit with your sentence please / Ar taawit immik suardar sentence tenu afak (or, if you are female afam)

What means / ma ism " permino" and " loqttin" ?

Saha bzav :ok:

Azul Kazin :slight_smile:

Sorry i’m late, been busy working :P.

Sorry i meant permi ino =) permi = driver’s license i guess it comes from the french “permis de conduire” :P.
And “s loqttin” means “in the future”, “i am going to/i will” or “with the time”

Hope this makes it a little bit more clear for you


Azul Kazin :slight_smile:

Do you want me to reveal another word? :slight_smile:


Yes Tafoukt, please reveal another word, i feel that before learning much my tashl7it is already dying :S


“Righ ad zrigh permino inchallah, s loqttin inchallah rghigh adskar tigimmi ino.”

Righ = i will

zrigh = pass

xD lol my Tachelhit is dead haha :smiley:

Ok so you said " i will pass the drivers licence test inchallah, i will inchallah rgghigh adskar tigimmo ino" :smiley: …what’s the rest say?

thanksss btw, these exercises are gooood for me, just like bacon is for that kid :smiley:

Hahaha that was a good one :smiley:

Yes the 1st half is correct :slight_smile:

adskar tigimmi ino = make my own house (what it really means)
s loqttin inchallah rghigh adskar tigimmi ino." and in the future inchallah i will have my own house

Heheh i hope so :stuck_out_tongue:

aaaah ok :slight_smile: berber is one bloody hard language!! :stuck_out_tongue: i need to start from the BASICS and then try solving puzzles

thanks Tafoukti

You’re welcome a lalla xD

Ready LA? Here comes another one xD

Adi awid rbbi saht inchallah ashko saht touf koulo ma ilan

Tafoukt, are you kidding me :stuck_out_tongue: I have NOOOO idea :stuck_out_tongue: other than inchallah of course :slight_smile: and rabbi… give me some clues bleez