A new comer!

hello!!! im new here hope to learn darija Im not from Morocco but I have a lot of friends from there, and i would like to learn a lil bit of darija. GREAT FORUM

Hello Gigi, and welcome to SpeakMoroccan :).
So you want to learn Darija just for your friends? Wow! You have many of them? Have you ever been to Morocco for instance?
By the way, where are you writing from?
See you around.

Hi well i shouldn’t say “a lot of friends” but yeah I have some friends that are from Morocco, no I have never been in morocco before, but would love to visit, actually i will be there around august, Im from Puerto Rico, but I live in New York USA. I meet this friend in my english classes and i meet some others in the internet and they all are really nice people and plus i like the culture. Is different than spanish culture that’s for sure, really interesting. Chao…

Yay! Another member from Puerto Rico! We have Ayita who just joined us recently too, and who is from Puerto Rico and lives in the states like you :).

hello GIGI ! :welcome:
Mr7ba bik !

I want to agree that Moroccan people are really nice! First people that I met in US were from Morocco and they were so nice to me (even nicer than people from my own country). And now I’m married to one and can’t stop thanking Allah for giving me such a wonderful husband. Sorry that a little bit off topic, just wanted to share personal experience with Moroccans:)

Welcome around Gigi!

What city are you visiting in August?
It’s gonna be hot!

Well im gonna be in casablanca and then i dont know cause my friend is the one who is gonna take to different cities, so Im not sure.

When is it cold, around what month or it all depends in what city u are???

And yes I LOVE MOROCCAN PEOPLE they are really sweet…I actually like my friend but shhhh dont say anything ( hahahahaha:^^:)

Bnita are u in Morocco now???and if u are what city r u from???

hi guys just passing by to say hello!!! hey i would love to meet you guys on my stay there if i can… bye have fun!

@ Asiem:
Thanks for the experience sharing, that was not off topic at all :).

@ Gigi:
If you’re planning to visit Agadir, let me know to see if we can manage a meeting, that would be cool :).
For the weather, it’s already hot in Marrakech for example, and it’s getting hotter! I am not sure for Casa, you’ll have to ask your friend. :^^:

Mr7ba bik Gigi :^^:

Yes, well Casablanca is usually very hot at that time, but not as hot as Marrakech and Agadir of course. I recommend that you try to visit Marrakech, Agadir or even Tangiers (although I have heard that it is ideal to spend only a few days in Tangiers (not the whole of your holiday), as it is good to visit different places so that you get a good first impression of the country - obviously you cant base your opnions all on just one city. That is why you are very lucky to be travelling to different parts of Morocco - it sounds great!

You asked about when it is cold in parts of Morocco…well I remember being in Casablanca in April and it rained most of the time that I was there, but in Marrakech at the same time of the year it was well over 30 degrees, very hot and sunny all of the time - sometimes it was too hot. Thats the great thing about Morocco, lots of things to see and do, lots of interesting cities - all very different and the weather can be a bonus too. There is something for everyone.

I hope that you find this forum useful and that you learn lots of new helpful phrases and words. :^^:

well i’m pretty sure I’m gonna have fun, and plus is gonna be a great experience for me never been there before so I think is gonna be really interesting. Cause hispanics countries the all look kind of the same, I’m so excited, Thank you all for the replies.

Mer7ba bik Gigi m3a-na

You’re welcome! Nice to meet you and happy to chat with an hispanic girl who speaks english and is interested in darija!:mdr::mdr::mdr:

This is a really multicultural and multilingual forum! Maybe, you’re gonna learn french too.:hap:

see you soon here.

Sorry my english is less rich than yours but i am trying to improve it.:blush:

hahaha yes i guess i can learn a lil bit of everything right!!! and your english is pretty good actually, well i guess you can learn a lil bit of spanish too right!!! LOL
Actually my friend from Morocco speaks spanish so I guess there are some moroccans who speaks spanish too, that’s is so cool.
Hasta la vista… see u soon

i learned spanish at school, so i can understand it. But it is as english, i need to improve it too!

hola, como estas? A ti te gusta aprender darija? a mi me gustan todas las linguas es porque quiero realmente trabajar esos.
mi español está un poco…:crazy:

yo estoy muy bien gracias y si me gustaria aprender darija, y tu español no es nada loco, pero no hay problema tu me enseñas darija y yo español vale!!! hope to hear soon from you takle care

te ayudaré con darija pero no puedo te enseñarlo , porque yo tambien estoy aprendiendolo.

hahahaha esta bien no hay problema de donde eres eh ???

soy marroquí pero yo vivo en Francia. En la area de Paris.:hap:

Hablo un poco espanol tambien :okay:, pero mi espanol es muy malo… Entiendo mas de lo que puedo decir :hm:

Alright, I don’t have the appropriate accents to type, and I cheated on the last sentence :mdr:. Maybe Gigi can become our Spanish teacher :hap:.