is it the same as zin? and is it ok if said to a girl?


just an opinion u might not wanna listen 2 cuz im not a native speaker: zin zayn zein all the same…its a noun “beauty” not an adj. so it has its own gender yea, doesnt matter what ur talking about…adj. would be zouin 4 boys and zouina 4 girlzzz…

It could be a shortened form of the Berber name Zayna… Wa Zayn, they would say.
Like calling Khadija… wa Khadij.
And Fatima, wa Fatim…
And 3icha… No sorry, nothing for 3icha.

Now if zayn is zin, I can’t tell without the context. Someone called someone that?

well ok zayn/zin means beauty, but in this case it was said to someone, ie. “chukran a zayn” … & the person’s name wasn’t zayn, im sure of it. sooo back to my Q, if you wanna say the same thing to a girl, can you still say “a zin/zayn” or do you need to add the tamer bouta? “zayna/zina” ??

thanks guys

no u dont just zin haha how cute tamer bouta…i was like…who is this tamer bouta…is it like tamer hosni…lol i think they call it the taa marbouta…cuz it makes sound like a taa sometimes lollllllz

oooooh LOL thats so logical, and im so blonde xD not literally

lollllllllllll EXACT SAME THOUGHT
I was like Tamer, Tamer… Tamer who?
So cute!

And yes, we say zin to a girl, no need to make it zina first.

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i think this will be his perfect fantasy…but yea 3ndik ha9 u can find blondes from everywhere, moroccan blondes too

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i think this will be his perfect fantasy…but yea 3ndik ha9 u can find blondes from everywhere, moroccan blondes too[/quote]
im quite far from blonde actually so phew.
you’re right, like that dude on 2m Ajial, he’s not tanned at all, and fairly pale, though i don’t think his hair is blonde… or maybe it is

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