Zaghrouta Smiley

Offered by Gretchen.

: za : without the spaces becomes :za:

Thanks Gretchen.
For those who don’t know what zaghrouta is, I let other members do the job of explaining.

wow, thanks alot Admin :smiley:
I really wanna suggest that, but didnt know how to start…
thanks alot sweetieeeeeeee :smiley:

[yalla ya modi, ched 7elak so u’d be the 1st one we would display it for ;)]

Thanks again Admin :slight_smile:

looooll ieeeeh a big boss

@ magui

dont worry about me :stuck_out_tongue: its soon inchalah

thanks again. you’re so amazing :slight_smile: Sure, we will explain it to members nchallah :wink:

we’ll wait & see :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s the coolest Admin?

Gretchen, never hesitate to ask for anything. If I can do it, I will. If not, I will not bite you.

[quote=Admin]Who’s the coolest Admin?

Gretchen, never hesitate to ask for anything. If I can do it, I will. If not, I will not bite you.[/quote]
loool. well, it’s not like that, It’s just I’v been to only one forum where I didn’t find nice ppl like here, indeed. I yeah hesitate to open a discussion (taweel 3areed) to say lets put this. But you really proved indeed that eddar darna. Thanks alot sis :slight_smile:

EDIT: about (taweel 3areed) sorry I said spontaneously I was confused in which thread I’m writing, ok? sorry guys :wink:

loooooollll admin dont bite me :stuck_out_tongue: where is my chat :smiley:

about the chat Mad, you really need a board for only you, where you can open threads “Mad & Gretchen”, “Mad & Darija-Lover”, “Mad and Ouazzani”, …etc for all members over here.
c’mon man, I wonder, you still got talks to say ? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

To answer a question you asked in some other thread, Gretchen, there is no thread limits. You can create a thousand threads a day if you can. It’s actually preferable to have each topic in a different thread, so if someone is looking for example for a certain expression, they will find it easily without having to go throw a long thread that has many different things.

Madridista, I will probably not look into the chat thingie before new year :S. Be patient.

looool ok ok forget about the chat … i c that im the only one to ask for it

yeah, okay…
thanks alot :slight_smile:

yeah yeah take ur time dude … i know that it s not easy :slight_smile:

I am LOVING this new smiley wallah!

Thanks mini :slight_smile:
looking 4ward 2 use it for u sis :wink:

haha no thanks to u 4 proposing it! ooh i think im going to have some fun with it hehe

lollll, well yeah nchallah :smiley:

aaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha is this the alallalalallaaaaa things they do at weddings?? :smiley:

Thanks to Adminna and gretchen :wink:

yes it is :smiley:
and i’ll do it once u quit d forum n leave me alone doin all that naughty stuffs …

thanks for being too nice

awe ur welcome :smiley: i can be nicer if u want