You are... You are not...


You ARE going to play with me :smiley:

ma3ndich lik lwa9t :smiley:
You are a jealous

LooL lak ya3mmi whose idea was it huh :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

jamelle power!!!

You are a twin of the Mrs of RimKaaah :hap:

Vous ne jouez pas dans le correcte facon! :fouet:
it goes you are, you are not, you are, you are not… silly :D:D:D
You are NOT going to do this mistake anymore!

(i did two you are not’s, to make up for the ones that you didn’t do) :hap:

and now that i have restored the balance, i will do my own:

You are NOT mrs rim-k, a ayse :mad:

and loubna, you are funny :smiley: your comment made me laugh hahaha!
You are NOT allowed to call me jealous, because ii am NOT jealous :D:D

What now two you are NOT again…

You are going to study today.

You are NOT going to tell me what to do!
JOKE :hap: thankyou nuwwara! i needed a reminder, getting distracted on this forum :smiley:
but my maths homework is FUN today, so i will get back :slight_smile:
You are helpful!

You are not telling me that maths is fun.

Oh, my Swedish homework is undone right beside me. But I’m working on darija (finished some lessons today) that’s more important and more fun :slight_smile:

You are not in need of a reminder that I am here to help with your Darija homework.
Is your Darija teacher Moroccan? I so would love to attend some Darija course live and see how learners interact and pronounce Darija.

You are nice.
No, I don’t have any classes for darija. I learn by myself with my book and I’ve a Moroccan to help me from time to time.

You are not dreaming, but I thought I understood from another post of yours that after dropping Tunisian and Algerian classes, you still had the right to study some dialectal Arabic this year at uni. I must have misunderstood.

You are kind of right. But I didn’t dropped them, they just where finished after one semester each. And that was at my old university, here they teach only Egyptian and I couldn’t take that class, because I’ve an other Class at the same time :frowning:

you certainly wouldn’t love to hear me! maybe you will die laughing :frowning:
i have nobody to practise on, so i am a walking, talking disaster :hap:

machallah nuwwara, dedication there! i like how you learn :smiley:
and YESSS, well i used to be 110% maths geek (even though that is mathematically impossible) :smiley: JOKE LOL!
but then i lost it, but today we got a past paper to do and it is pretty easy, so it’s fun!
well, the only motive i have for schoolwork (apart from french; french is a motive in itself love) is that i will inchallah go to university, become a dentist, then go to morocco and live there :D:D

You have a plan there. Hehe, oh I was good in maths in school (only not in the final exam for the Abitur :frowning: ) but I never liked it. My motivation right now is, that I want to finish that book, so I forbid myself to start with the Egyptian book I’ve bought before I haven’t finished the Moroccan one. And I really need to learn some Egyptian that I’m not lost when I’m in March in Egypt.

LOLLL :slight_smile: you are like me
but i am scared to start another language in case it messes up my darija!

You are not going to do that. It’s not that bad, just learn also to switch between languages.

you are being useful; just reminded me what this thread was :stuck_out_tongue:
in fact, in my last psot i just said “you are…” without remembering i was supposed to :hap:
i have never tried it, i guess. i am learning mandarin, too, i am not very far in (numbers to 10, simple words and phrases etc) and it’s okay so far :smiley: but as soon as i confuse ONE WORD, i’m outta there! i am an adventurous person, but i am NOT risking that LOL!
in fact, i got my chinese name today :slight_smile:

oh, you want me to type it? :smiley:
i don’t know, i forgot it… LOL :unsure:

Oh, if you don’t concentrate on that, I won’t to it anymore :slight_smile:

Oh Chinese. No, no I don’t try that. There are still more on my list that I want to learn, and Chinese is not on there!!!

you all are not talking about chinese again are you? akhhhh

and YOU tukha with an extra kh are not telling me, the pioneer of this thread (originally) that i am not playing right… :stuck_out_tongue:

You are NOT at school now are you? gee i think i have too many You are NOt’s