yallah jite

Hey people :slight_smile:

My name’s Amine, Moroccan but I live in France. I discovered this website while watching a video of the Moroccan hymn with translated lyrics. I looked over the website and I was so impressed by all those lessons, translations, vocabulary lists… I just want to say good work guys. It was kind of fun to read the translations. Well hana jite among you, I’m sure I’m going to like it here :slight_smile:

best regards everyone
2 smrt 4 u

mr7ba bik Amine! :smiley:

I’m glad you like it here :slight_smile:

thanks Hiba, mmaline ddar lay3amerha dar :^^:

welcome Amine

thank you Amine forsa sa3ida :slight_smile:

Welcome Amine! Nice to meet you :wink:

ah I see you live in France … that’s nice :slight_smile: But what about Morocco ? …do you visit it time by time or what ?

mer7aba amine

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

@Touta, nice to meet you too, well yeah I come to Morocco twice or 3 times a year :slight_smile: I’ve been living in France for only 2 years, I study here actually :slight_smile: and between us, Morocco best country ever :stuck_out_tongue: