Who is Moroccan here?

So I just want to see who is all Moroccan on this forum?

I am a Canadian born Moroccan. I maintain dual nationality.

I guess I’m a norwegian born Moroccan. But I never call myself norwegian, even if I’m born in norway I’m still Moroccan <3

DO Moroccan wannabes count? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’m Turk, but I defend Morocco and Moroccans to the extent that people assume the “I’m Turk” was just a joke and that I have some Moroccan-ness somewhere in my system :smiley:

yeah, I agree with Aisha :wink:
I watch 2M and almaghribia and I’ve been said to be:


thou nmot 3la msr too ^-^

100% moroccan
born live an will die in morocco :slight_smile:

So Madridista, I take it you don’t live in Spain?

well im living between spain n morocco these days but im still "marocain et fier de letre :stuck_out_tongue: ‘’

It would be awesome to live in Spain, that way it is a quick trip back home. Does Spain have any Oil Refinery/Upgraders?

yeah its great lol but with economical crisis here in spain … dont even think about it :wink:

ouazzani can help u more he is catalan :wink:

Yeah, there is some oil refinerys, I think. More or less they have 10. And some of them are in south catalonia, near Tarragona. You can find “REPSOL-YPF”, “CAMPSA”, “CEPSA” but I don’t know who is who in the business and if they are extracting, refining or drinking it… I prefer wine to fuel… hips!

And I am born 100% catalan and emigrated to Morocco, where I live.

Nice what do you do in Morocco?

Working, learning darija, growing roots… (but I am really here in a catalan plot to control and dominate de world).

I’m Swedish born Moroccan

Lol me neither, i never call myself Swedish :^^:

So I take it you are Spanish? No ties to Moroccan culter, just wanna learn it?

Yeah, I’m catalan, and there is no konwn moroccan blood in my family, no ties to Moroccan culture till I came to Morocco. In fact, I think I never meet a Moroccan till I was 17 or 18. Nobody that I knew untill I came to Morocco speaks or spoke arabic or something close to it. I am a complet gawri here, a pure ajnabi and a nasrani (they say).

Daba alhamdullah kanhdar shuya darija w kanaklu baysara w harira w l 3lawa b l 3ades, kanshrab at-tay b l na3n3 w kanmchi b l taxi kbir-sta-dial-plaits f, 7al sardina f l lata f7al kulchi l mgharba, w kanaqul “incha allah” meli shiwaHid swwalni ida gadimaji lgadda f l rendevou. :ok:

Thats good to hear man. Your Darija is pretty good. How many years have you been in Morocco?

I am Moroccan.

Ouazzani, I am going to cry now.

mmm looks like me, LA and Ouzzani r the Non-Moroccan’s here haha :cool:
However being Algerian I kinda find a connection to Morocco coz not only r they neighbours but they both speak Darija and are composers of Rai music…well basically they’re the same with differences here and there :roll:

long live N.A :hap:

Orrrrrrr Maghreb United!

lol was gonna write that but u see it all the time in my signature hehe