What would you do if......

Hey everyone, another game for all us fun loving ppl lol :wink:

Ok basically each member has to present a situation (as realistic as poss :cool:) to somebody else and ask them what they would do if they were in that situation and after that person has answered they then present another situation for the next member to answer e.g:

What would you if…a group of bull dogs passed you in the street?

I’d stick to the side of the road as much as possible without screaming for help lol :hm:

What would you do if… you saw a woman struggling to hold her shopping whilst trying to calm down her screaming kid?

What would you do if… you saw a woman struggling to hold her shopping whilst trying to calm down her screaming kid?

I’d lol at her and say : the next time use condoms

WWYDI … u find a cellphone ( a good one) in the middle of the street ( the street is empty ) .

Easy, i would take it of course ;D

WWYDI you get stranded on an island and your cellphone doesn’t work (no signal) so you can’t call for help?

hahahahhaha this is why i like Tom Hanks :stuck_out_tongue: i learnt from his movie how to survive :smiley:

WWYDI u win the lottery ( 10 million bucks :stuck_out_tongue: ) ???

hoooohhh heaps of stuff

1- spread the amount: some to parents, brother, family back in turkia
2- … that’s for me to know and you not to know
3- charity of course
4- open a business
5- pay off family’s mortgage
6- buy a better house -mansion preferably-
7- … think about what to do with the rest

What would you do if you… broke your neighbour’s expensive car’s window?

i’ll blame the first kid who pass by the car ( as usual :stuck_out_tongue: )

WWYDI you fart in an elevator full of ppl ?

Lol i’d say to the dude next to me “BOB!! that’s disgusting!!”

WWYD if… you borrowed someone’s car and trashed it?

OMG i’ll manage to fix it and then tell him about it

WWYD if u find that ur parents are just adopting u ?

are adopting me or HAVE adopted me?

If they have adopted me, and i just found out, I would ask if my real parents exist, if not, then i’ll just get over it

WWYD if… someone in front of you was having a heart stroke?

if she is a girl :stuck_out_tongue: ofcourse i’ll start with ‘’ bouche a bouche" wuahhahahha
if he’s a guy mmmmmmm i’ll call 911

WWYD if u lose ur diary ?

lool wallahi you remind me of this character in a turkish tv series, he’s a perve just like you :no:

if i lose my diary with my personal stuff? i’ll be sad, but nothing i can do so… life goes on

WWYD if you found out your best best best friend is gay?

waaaw this is why i dont have a best best best friend
but if he/she is just a friend … life goes on , that his/her problem , the most important for me is his/her attitude with me

WWYD if u fall in love with a girl ?

kill myself or… go to a doctor and get therapy

WWYD if your university told you you’re no longer allowed to study… ie. you got kicked out

p.s: kill myself = not literally

hahahahahha mmmm i’ll go back to morocco and start working

WWYD if u find out that u have aids ?

awww not nice :frowning: I would live the rest of my life the best i can, and do allllll my qada prayers and alllllll my other things i need to do before the grave

WWYD if cops were chasing u

I would infect as many as possible, so i wouldn’t have died alone jk tvi tvi tvi…Lol omg what a question…i would travel as much as possible and spend my time with my closest

WWYI you got caught jumping on the train without paying?

hahahhahahaha well both of u were asking for bein caught
well i’ll answer tafoukt coz ive already experienced this in morocco :stuck_out_tongue:
mmmm i’ll hide in the WC :stuck_out_tongue:

WWYD if u lose all ur money in a casino ?

mad, there are many ways of getting aids, it could be inherited too… so shut it :slight_smile:

allll my money in the casino? firstly i wouldnt be there, but if i did, then… i’d start all over again

WWYD if… your parents kicked you out of the house

duuuude the street is my second house … :stuck_out_tongue:

WWYD if u marry a guy then u find out that he is a tranvestite ?