What is ur religion ??

i know that the majority here has Islam as religion … but the most important for me are the minority here in SM :stuck_out_tongue:

so what is ur religion ? and a brief description of it …

thnx guys

ps- oh yeah , muslims can also tell us if they r sunna or chi3a or …

sooooooooooooooooo soooooorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :S plzzzzz any modo or admin here to send this to the religion forum


I’m not muslim. But I know something about islam and it’s traditions. Not so well as you, of course. And yes, there is catalan traductions of the Qur’an. :slight_smile: . I come from christian catholic culture, I’m officially catholic.

Hindu :cool:


good ouazz … eres practicante ???

LA : can u talk a lil bit about Hindu :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Ni creyente.

Muslima lhamdulellah.
& sunna, I don’t think there’s any chi3a in egypt…

100% Sunni Muslim, Alhamdulillah!

so u must say simplimente soy ateo :smiley:

La, i’m not atheist! I’m agnostic

I’m officially Christan (Lutheran), but not practising or believing at all.

ok ok it differs :wink:

u dont believe in what exactly ???

I believe nigher in religion nor in God.

God is immaginary & religions are all fairy tales <— that’s it right ?

you need to think again. i aint asking u to convert to my religion, but just try to find God, there must be some part of you that tells you God exist.
we religious people can tell that God exist just by looking around, this life & its wonders, the universe & its orders…etc.

My Motto is : Life is great, the world is greater, God is the greatest. <— (he must be the greatest)

I’m a Muslim, for many reasons, such as the personal & close relationship with God.
besides that its teachings makes people love together & live in a climate of love & help & generocity…etc.

also, with my knowledge of previous religions (judaism, christianity) i believe what God taught Moses & Jesus to teach people, is the same as what we muslims believe. i can see that when i read the bible, i can feel the word of God there (in some verses).

& another reason, why wouldn’t i be a muslim when my prophet is the beloved Mustapha, who god himself testefies for him : “wa innaka la 3ala kholo9in 3adhim” (and you are in such a great moral) & “wa ma arsalnaka illa ra7matan lil3alamin” (we didn’t sent you but a mercy to the worlds).

another thing is special about Islam : no muslim is a muslim if he doesn’t believe AND LOVE Jesus & Moses peace be upon them all.

Excuse me sis, you must have thought about that alot. I just like to know what do you think of how we were created?

Thanks u.

well well well calm down alkhout :smiley:
she is free to believe or not …
i want her just to develop a lil bit her idea , just to have a platform to our discussion …

ps- talkin about religion is not easy … if someone is gonna write a quote plz be sure to put the reference too


[quote=Madridista]well well well calm down alkhout :smiley:
she is free to believe or not …[/quote]
Of course ! we’re just suggesting a further look for her sake.

so there’s this cow…

so there’s this cow…[/quote]
awe interesting … go ahead :stuck_out_tongue: what about d cow

I heard they concider our blackstone an organ of their Lord Shiva.
as we have narrations that the stone fell in India with Adam, & from there Gabriel brought it to Abraham when he was building Kaaba. wallahu a3lam. (allah knows best)
but we know it’s from heaven anyway.