What is the last book u have read so far??

At the moment im reading “Eleven minutes” by Paulo Coelho

LOL really ??

I’m reading “The Zahir” by Paulo Coelho :D;)

and I finished “by the river piedra I sat down and wept” a few days ago
and before it I read “a thousand splendid suns” by khaled hosseini :smiley:

I’ve been reading a lot lately…

for whom do you like to read??

What r the themes discussed by Paulo Coelho ? :slight_smile:

I’m reading books by Moroccan authors at the moment. I think it is very interesting to learn about a country’s life and culture through literature. I’m reading in French, partly because the books are more readily available in French (I think many may not be translated into English) and partly to improve my French.
I have recently read books by Tahar Ben Jelloun, Abdellatif Laarbi, Driss Charaibi.

I read on the Internet about a book written in Darija - “Tkarkib nab” by by Yousssef Amine Elalamy.
(Yabiladi.com - 03/03/06 : La darija pour apprendre a lire)
I would like to try and get hold of the book.

Has anybody seen or read it ?

That one should follow his/her dream and believe in it

To have faith in God

Everything in the world is interrelated

:unsure: thats what I understood…

HIBA: How was a thousand splendid suns ?

If you read “the kite runner” for the same author and liked it you’ll definitely like this one too

it talks about frienship redemption prejudice…

I personally liked it although I don’t agree with everything mentioned in the story :slight_smile:

Waw, we are reading all the same books…

Now I’m reading ‘Return to Ramallah’ Moeried Barghoeti, it’s a wonderfull book about a person returning to Ramallah after 30 years.

whoever wanna " “a thousand splendid suns” by khaled hosseini , i can send it over :slight_smile: i have it on the Pc

thanx Hiba dor the answer :slight_smile:


Thnx Abdessamad :^^:

you r welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished Zwischen den Palästen (bayna l-qsrayn) by Nagib Mahfuz. I’m proud of me that I made it in one week (it has nearly 700 pages…).

ooohh i Looove Khaled Hosseini’s books, especially Kite Runner, made me cry so much…

the last book i read was “Priests Embracing Islam” and its a beaaaaautiful one.

Aspergers, From the Inside Out

What, I’m the only one who reads around here? I just finished "fiqh unnissa’ lil 3alim al mash7uwr Taqi Uddin … ibn Taymiyyah. Come on, yall; get on the ball.

No ummaryam, there are some bookworms around, just to let you know :cool: < those glasses are supposed to be transparent by the way.

The last book i read was a turkish book called “Afrikadaki Isik” which basically means “The hope in Africa”, was a great book, i especiallllly dug deep into the section about Morocco, quite sadly though the author didn’t make ANY mention of Algeria, which broke my heart :frowning: Was a good book though, made me appreciate many things which i had overlooked and undermined.

But if you guys are asking for English books, the last book i started (Yes, i didn’t finish it yet) was Moorish Spain, it’s a 500+ paged book so… i’m waiting for the holidays so i can read till morning…

Do you mean “Spanish Islam”, by Reinhart Dozy, translated by Frances Griffin Stokes, by any chance? Hehehehe; I read that one last summer. It is an academic type of chronological history, ending before 1494, but well worth the read.

And I am glad that there are other bookworms; you know a Lalla that your last post here was on 10/31, mine stayed all lonely from 2/16-5/24, and only then did I hear from you again; we’re on our own, for now.

Actually, you might not believe me, but i have both those books, for now though Spanish Islam is just sitting on my bookshelf and looking at me with its fluro green cover :slight_smile:

And oh Ummaryam, i read about 5 more books after that last post of mine on 10/31, but most were turkish books, one was a beautiful account of Fatima r.a’s life, i loooooved it.

Why would you think that I might not believe you? Am I making you feel defensive? I am pretty darn well sure that just about everyone on this forum has read multiple books in the past, say, even two months; they just don’t want to post about them. …Do you know what Asperger’s Syndrome is? It’s a form of high functioning autism where those who suffer from it can lead relatively normal lives; they are usually quite intelligent. However, they don’t understand people; they have no filter between their brains and their mouths and it gets them in to all sorts of trouble, socially… And no, I don’t suffer from that one; I just like to read books about neurology and such.