What is the last book u have read so far??

I never knew what Asperger’s Syndrome was till now, thanks for the info. I’ve heard of autism though, a kid i know has it and he’s darn active and intelligent, but, like you said, he can’t speak, nor does he understand what others tell him, an adorable though mashallah. Interesting how you read those kinds of books, to be honest because of my studies, lately i finish 1 single book in a really long timespan, but on the holidays inchallah i will be on the ball with jetspeed. And of course posting here once i’m done… :slight_smile:

Good Morning,

Asperger’s, like all forms of autism, is a spectrum disorder; its victims can be very poor off or so well able to compensate for their limitations that they are thought of a merely eccentric, not as neurologically off of the beaten path.
The main problem which autistic individual suffer from is that they are not able to weed out what is relevant and important from what is extraneous and distracting. That’s why they don’t, generally, like to be touched; it overwhelms them. They are also well known for ‘self soothing’ activities, such as rocking back and forth, or rubbing a particular thing, over and over. The autism scale is something truly humbling; any one of us could have wound up upon it. If you don’t want to read specifically about Asperberger’s (and I have personal reasons for trying to learn about that; not me, but someone important)…if you want to read a really interesting book about human insight and the rapidity with which the brain ferrets out information of which we are, consciously at least, unaware, read “Blink”, by Martin…oh, I can only think of Maarten P.; that’s the wrong one… Martin; no, Malcolm Gladwell. It’s a really good read; it’ll take a day or two.

Interesting, i will do some research regarding this topic inshallah in the near future. Thanks for the source Ummeryouma.