What Do You Eat for So7or?

Some Moroccan families do not wake up early in the morning for so7or, and just miss the huge blessings so7or offers. They would just stay up late until 2 a.m for example, and have dinner…

So my question is for those among you who wake up for so7or: What do you eat for so7or?
What’s best to eat to keep one’s strength all day despite the hunger?
Would you eat a Tajine early in the morning? Although this sounds a bit strange to hear that one would wake up at 4 a.m to eat a tajine, but I LOVE that :D.

3la slama SM :smiley:

We eat a lot of cheese (cheddar cheese (dark), la vache qui rit, jibne beda, even fried cheese jibne ma2lieh, kraft cheddar…)
sliced tomatoes, boiled eggs, luncheon hommus, labaneh, zet o za3tar…
We drink tea (with na3na3, sugar, meramieh) with ka3ek…

What about you?? :hap:

Why 3la sslama? :smiley: That’s like telling me 7amdella 3assalama men essafar, or something like that. Do you know that it’s a greeting in Tunisia? They say “3aslama”…
Today I had "only"an omelet, some cheese, and milk… It’s good to get enough proteins. I felt that my so7or wasn’t right though.

For zet w za3tar, you just put some za3tar in the oil? Or you boil them?

:smiley: just because it’s been a long time since we talked :lol:

no we just put oil on the bread then za3tar and eat it :smiley:

we have the shop zeit we zaater here :slight_smile: !

yeah I know that shop! :D:D


Salam SM

for me I just drink cup of water

and it s Ok

i eat cereal if i can eat ANYTHING … usually i don’t feel like much … or a fruit or just a drink or something :slight_smile:

Are you serious? You don’t feel like fainting during the day or anything? Walo?

Same for Tukha?

You girls are monsters or something. :smiley: Not that I eat much, but a cup of water wouldn’t get me that far. I should at least make my stomach feel full. Some bread and cheese, some juice, a fruit or an omelet are definitely my thing. Tajine? Oh yes, that would be even BETTER :D.

oui, walou :slight_smile:
or something small :smiley:
mais pas de grand festin :lol:
i don’t feel like fainting, no LOL :hap:
at the start mama used to make omelettes and i ate
but with time, she stopped making them and me and my brother are too lazy to make something at that time of night - so cereal is the easiest option :smiley:

Awwah! Nari 3la kasola! So it’s not lack of appetite that makes you eat like a bird, it’s your laziness!

LOOOOL - yepp, you got me :wistle:


As for me even if I wasn’t hungry and didn’t want to have so7oor I usually wake up to prepare so7oor (with my sister) for the rest of the family :smiley:

awwww machallah that’s lovely :slight_smile:
that happens for us at the start of ramadan, then like i said, towards the end, everybody just eats their own thing and makes it too :smiley:

salma and tukha: u uys should eat properly , at least milk and dates

MILK AND DATES ARE SOOOO GOOOOD - i have them at iftar :slight_smile:
btw how do you guys have iftar ??
NO WAIT, DON’T ANSWER THAT … i’m gonna make my own topic [wow, i’m gonna cry - my first ever topic … well, apart from my welcome one]
maybe somebody has already done that ? :blink: oh well, i’ll have a looook :hap:
but raissoun i do eatttt :D:D but sometimes i just can’t be bothered :unsure:

Wait… how did you know her first name? :huh:

i am psychic :cool:

cough FACEBOOK cough
she added me there :hap:

Aaaaaaaaaah! :hap:
Isn’t that a very original name?