What Do You Eat for So7or?

i know someone called maysoon, and that rhymes :hap:
but that’s about it … no raissouns, machallah :smiley:

schnoo za3tar? bel anglais…afek! ou chokran.

za3tar means oregano

chokran. za3tar = oregano.
new word of lyoom…LOL

bel anglais, " because I have been wrong once, or OFTEN, I do not intend, in the name of consistency, to be, always, wrong"

zuine quote. wela

Sweet LallaMalika, I wonder why you changed my quote to OFTEN… are you noticing my tendencies towards error and teasing me?

I am only mentioning it, and I am taking your comment overall as a compliment, because it is not MY original quote. When I was just a lass I used to have a habit (I still have the books, only I haven’t the time) of making compendiums of different quotations which made me stop and think… Just imagine a fourteen year old girl spending her free time reading, and making notations in, “The International Thesaurus of Quotations, compiled by Rhoda Thomas Tripp.” You actually inspired me to go and get it; it sits between my hands in no less than three major chunks (binding broke years ago) and numerous single pages which have fallen out…I can’t find the true author, but I think I will change my siggy now. Bye Love.