what an experience !!!

i found this in a forum and i wanna share it with u …

A tourist feedback

Christmas in Morocco. Well, what can I say? When people ask how it was, I usually say “interesting” or “different”. It wasn’t the holiday we were expecting, put it that way. We thought we’d be sunbathing by day and partying by night. We did sunbathe, but there were no parties, no dancing and, amazingly, no hangovers - I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol while I was out there.

The reasons for this sedate holiday? Flu did play a big part in my desire for an early night but us trio of girlies needed to keep our wits about us - Moroccon men were lurking everywhere. From the minute we arrived at the airport we got stared at. We felt like a tourist attraction in our own right and the constant attention and hassle we got from sleazy and sweaty men was relentless and exhausting.

A 10 minute walk along the beach, for example, resulted in no less than 12 approaches from men, either wanting to sell us camel rides, bottles of wee (could have been perfume but I wouldn’t bet my life on it) or Moroccan kaftans for 30p, or just wanted to talk to us and look down our tops.

On teh first day we ventured out of the hotel to visit the cashpoint and five taxis stopped to offer us a lift, one of them reversing 100 metres down a main road to do so. We were just trying to cross the road!

So, after my festive experience in Agadir, Moroccan men are definitely off the menu, for the following reasons:

Their chat up lines include shouting “fish and chips” at English girls as they walk by. I would never dream of shouting “couscous” to a Moroccan geezer - how immature!
Their eyes bore into you where ever you go. Don’t they know it’s rude to stare?
In England it is not a compliment to be told you’re worth 300 camels. It is in Morocco apparently.
I’m not a fan of short men anyway, and most Moroccans are just that.
A lot of guys could be seen wondering around wearing long gowns with pointy hoods. Say no more.
Morocco is a very poor country but blokes, and women too for that matter, want tipping for everything. Helping someone reverse out of a tight space, taking a photo of someone’s donkey and cart and passing you a roll of toilet paper all require money to be handed over. Moroccans think English folk are loaded and expect us to throw money at them at every opportunity. Not an attractive quality.
They get funny when you can’t understand their English. But when they say “don’t you like to be in the shit?”, they’re actually saying “don’t you like to be in the shade?” Amusing.
They smell. Now I kinda like the whiff of a bloke who’s just worked his socks off on the volleyball court, but Moroccan guys just smell bad. All day long.
They’ll try anything to convince you to spend time with them. Even the holiday rep tried it on. His persuasions included telling us he used to be manager of the hotel (whopping lie), he was from a very rich family, his friend was an estate agent, we were “very special people” and “he would never damage us”. Hmmm, I was almost tempted. NOT!
They’re very childlike. When one of the hotel entertainers took a liking to my mate, he was distraught to learn she had a boyfriend back home. (She doesn’t - we thought it was safer to say she did.) He then refused to speak or make eye contact with her for the rest of the holiday. And when we chatted to some French guys at the bar one day, we were accused of having French boyfriends. Look pal, you don’t own us, we can talk to who we like.
They’re very suspicious of journalists. I wasn’t sure they were going to let me into the country. We had to fill out cards on the plane which some serious looking dudes looked over at passport control. I was asked to write down the name of the newspaper I worked for and he was utterly confused when I said I worked for a university. You don’t have to work for a paper to be a journo you know!
I could never date a man who drives a donkey and cart. There were a lot of them about.
Maybe I sound a bit snobbish, but Moroccan guys have made a lasting impression on me, and not a good one. They could easily have ruined our holiday because they wouldn’t leave us alone for one minute. I’m sure there are some lovely Moroccan chaps out there, I can only speak from my own personal experience. So, it’s so nice to be back home where I can walk down the street without attracting a single glance.


well , first i wanna say that all what she said is true … BUT that doesnt mean that morocco is 100% as she described it :s … maybe she was unlucky in her holidays in morocco , but she exagerated a lil bit …

plz for ppl who has visited morocco … share with us ur experience ( ouazz im not talkin about u lol ur moroccanized )
ppl who hasnt visited morocco yet , can give their opinion about the experience of this lady .

thanx dudes

stuuuuuupid… it’s my first impression after reading this…

Well… everyone is free in opinion and thinking…

I haven’t enough time right now otherwise I could write more … and I will :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahahha touta … the first time i read this article … i posted a very racist comment in the forum i found this … so now im calm here , this is why i didnt comment
but i wanna hear more stories about morocco … so that we can make a fair comparison

lol I can imagine…

make sure, Mad, you ll never hear from me smth bad about Morocco :wink:

It’s a blog post. It’s not correct to post someone’s content without giving them credit. I suggest that you edit your original message to add the blog’s url.

PS: If you got it from a forum, then someone just pasted it there like you did. Just Google the first paragraph and you’ll find the blog where it was posted.

no no no no touta … morocco isnt a heaven :smiley: i know it has its + and - … but this woman had enjoyed the - :^^:

What is a heaven and where ?

Really I tried +'s and -'s being there :slight_smile: And my attitude changes just in good way :slight_smile:

hahahahhah great then … so ur like me i always say after sufferin in morocco ‘’ tfou 3la blad i love it ‘’ hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ok, Mad, I will shut up…

*I can not, so I have to comment some things…

First, I agree with you: almost the most that’s been described it’s true.

I disagree about the smelling point. This is changing fast, as people is getting douches and baths in home, and are socialising more. My impression is that young people are cleaner than in Europe: no long unbrushed hair, no piercing and tatoos…

Oh, yeah, of course: tatoos and long hair are not dirty… FOR EUROPEANS. This is the other point. There is a deep cultural relativism in the view of the girl who’s talking. It’s called ethnocentrism. She can not understand that in Morocco people is always staring at you… and at everyone.

That’s not an excuse for the harassing question, that’s true.

About tipping… yes, it’s true. (btw… who the hell expects there will be paper toilet in moroccan w.c’s?) Use your hand, like everybody here! :ok: *

That’s what we get from the westerners, bad-mouthing, prejudice & generalizing their experience with few persons on millions of others.

That’s what we get from the westerners, bad-mouthing, prejudice & generalizing their experience with few persons on millions of others.[/quote]
I totally agree with you :wink:

What can I add … even in my country some people havent any idea where is Morocco situated and some people think that moroccan people live like in ancient times…

I m upseeeeeet :frowning:

loooolll ouazz thats so true ( i mean the toilet paper lol )

paper , mmmm westerners , ur not generalizing right now !!!

touta ,hhhhhhhh well yeah i was asked before where is morocco ? asia ? loolll

another retard who doesn’t know how to have fun… mskeena made a big deal out of a few guys, i don’t think she gets any attention normally so she made a fuss of it.

LOL @ no toiletpaper, same problem in turkey, i was carrying toilet rolls everywhere in my handbag xD

loooolll i think we need to talk to the tourism ministry about toiletpaper … we’ll lose a lot of tourism coz of it :frowning:

Exactly !

well… some people are amazing…

I think if you want to see and find all not good and bad things you ll find it anyway.
And if you want to enjoy you can enjoy even among the bad smelled moroccan guys …sorry for these words, I just repeat topic’s words :wink:
As for me I have never noticed this. It’s tooooo small things for me to pay attention to it.

I can’t understand then why Morocco? She could go to Maldives or smth like this, when even beach is too clean because it is not natural.
Or its better just to lay down near the swimming pool with water from the tap… somewhere else so no one moroccan man with donkey ll annoy…

upf… really… how much people so much points of view…

exactly touta … ur visiting a country from the 3rd world so u need to have a previous idea on how it looks like …

Well, we have a good topic here… I’m also a westerner, Paper, and I don’t talk about morocco like this… I always defend morocco out of morocco. But when I’m here, in Morocco, I take another point of view. I’m critic. Your attitud is worst than the girl’s attitude in the post: “**** the others if they don’t like it!”

But in fact morocco is a poor country, and that’s not good for the people who is living in. Oh, yes, ok, there is some people who have a lot of money… oh, yes ok, there is some people in middle class… but just a few in comparation of western countries. Tourism would be -has to be- a good way to get in, to upgrade the level of live of people who really needs it. But what they found tourists when they arrive? Well, the girl’s post is a response. Not eveybody is like her, but they are a lot like this out there, and their money is as good as the money of those who love morocco BEFORE coming visit it.

I mean, there is REALLY some problems here, and this girl -mybe not openminded, ok- described it some of them (not the more importants, but that’s another topic).

well ouazz , i said before that what she said exists in morocco … we cant deny it
maybe moroccans here in this forum are openminded , educated … but this is not the case of atleast 60% of moroccans ( lol maybe a lil bit more )
and as u said morocco is a poor country … so its hard to discuss any upgrade :s