Turkish Class - With Lalla Aicha

some Moroccans say “9a3ét” :slight_smile:

interestinggggg, iwonder where we got it from? it’s not fos7a is it? and not french either, so how come we use the same word when turkey and morocco -they say- have had no contact… though i reckon they have :wink: cough Ottomans cough

you mean about “kagit” ? as far as i know it’s foss7a “kaaghed” ??? & it means sth like sheets or piece of papers…

about 9a3et, it’s just a darija thing.

aaaaah okay i didn’t know a similar word existed in fos7a. thanks… see, i’m not the only teacher in this thread :smiley:

hit me up with more questions when you have some

intersting interesting hehe
raises hand how would u say mini? is there some Turkish way of sayin my name?? :smiley:
so i know how to start a convo and that and is there any word for ‘wassup’?? haha like whats new with you, what your news etc?
patiently waits

ooooh waaaah we have a new student, merhaba ve ho?geldin can?m :slight_smile:
minik is a suitable nickname for mini… it means the same thing but it’s a sweeter connotation

a word equivalent to wassup? = naber? young people always say this to each other.

another useful phrase, similar to quoi de neuf/what’s new is —> ne var ne yok? (literally: what is there and what is there not)

btw, sometimes people respond with “iyilik” to the question “naber”, rather than “iyiyim”… iyilik literally means “goodness”, it’s a cool way of saying that you’re good :cool: try it!

i will! teshekuller (oh god how do u spell it?!) lol :wink:

te?ekkürler :slight_smile:

btw i see a lot of people say te?ekkür on its own, and that is wrong… you need to say te?ekkür ederim or te?ekkürler

bell rings class dismissed

Oh Yeah :okay:
that’s REALLY a good idea…

But I cant participate currently :frowning:
Aicha, I’m reserving a class with you on 2010, right? dont forget me hun :wink:

Lalla, can you translate this one plz Calicusu :wink: I m not sure that I wrote it write … some letters are different…

I think you know that it’s a book’s name of Guntekin :slight_smile:

Just I wonder what does it mean in turkish.

no worries Gretchen :slight_smile:

Touta çal?ku?u is a bird, a wren to be more specific. ?t looks like this: çal?ku?u

I read that novel, it was sooooo good, even though i didn’t really like this man’s ideas, it was a great novel for a high school student, and thanks to it i got really well in my end of HS Turkish exam =)

Hey miss…it’s November 18th, do we have a class ? :huh:

wellll we can discuss the indepence of Morocco in our class, in TURKISH of course :wink: tamam?

Thank you LallaAicha :slight_smile:

So we have the same meaning - the name of a bird.

I like this book and movie also :slight_smile:

[quote=LallaAïcha]btw i see a lot of people say te?ekkür on its own, and that is wrong… you need to say te?ekkür ederim or te?ekkürler

bell rings class dismissed[/quote]
oh really? i was taught just to say te?ekkürler and thats it but know i know how to say the whole thing hehe lol :okay:

yeah te?ekkürler is fine, i was talking about the people that only say te?ekkür…

do we all know the numbers in turkish? or shall i do a kick run over them?

yeah do that lutfen i dont know the numbers hehe :hap:

no problemo

1 - bir
2 - iki
3 - üç
4- dört
5- be?
6- alt?
7- yedi
8- sekiz
9- dokuz
10- on

if you’re not sure about how to pronounce any words let me know and ill try explaining… :slight_smile:

once you’ve aced these ill get to 10’s and 100’s in?allah

ok i remember besh (i dnt have a turkish keyboard!) and on and iki haha used that a lot in Turkey :wink:

teeechaaaa :hi:
& the letters too if possible, i think we should’ve started with this in the begining of the class :slight_smile: