Turkish Class - With Lalla Aicha

This is a corner for those of you who are interested in learning Turkish. Just for info, I am not interested because of the Mouhanad and Nour series, or all those new ones they have now on TV… so just for us to be clear. It’s just a genuine interest in the culture (alright alright, it could also be how Tarkan sounds in songs hhhhhh)… No seriously, language freaks do not need a reason to learn a language, they just learn it.

So, we are not going to study intensive grammar. We just want to learn the basics, how to say greetings, and make basic sentences…

I already know a few words:
Merhaba = Hi, hello.
Selam = Salam, peace, a greeting
Ben iyiyim = I am fine

Lalla Aicha, please teach us mooooore :sac:

Tesekkur :wink: (thanks, read as teshekkur)

Shokozaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal DL :okay:

Don’t thank me, I am not the teachah!
If you are interested in the class, just sign up :wink:

shokozal means beautiful (i think), ok i wanna sign up, my name is Mahmut (turkish for Mahmood)

im not :s … i already started russian :frowning: … t3etelti a DL

It’s okay Mad, another time when you have a free space in your brain :wink:

Turkish is definitely easier, look at the words, they are almost Arabic hhhhheeeh
Any other Arabic looking and sounding words are welcome ya ustada, to encourage us.

Good idea ! I like it :okay:

At least I want to come to this corner to get some translations …haha… some friends like to put some comments in Turkish lol

I hope on LallaAicha’s help :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah true turkish is easier … walakin russian class 3awtani :stuck_out_tongue:

lool Mad… :stuck_out_tongue:
but you can surprise someone not just with russian but with turkish also…

loooll the only turkish girl i know is lalla aisha unfortunatly

I’m looking to see the teacher’s face when she finds all these students waiting in this newly created class… :^^: is hse gonna just runaway :flag:

ayayayayyyyy glad to see this thread, but i’d like to outline the rules before we commence, class:

Rule #1: If you need to ask a question raise your hand.
Rule #2: Do not speak over me when i am explaining something
Rule #3: Do not ask complex questions and make my life harder
Rule #4: We will have a test every week so prepare well.


I’d love to begin guys and girls, let me know where i should start from…

haaaahaaaa, you mean çok güzel.… good start my student (ö?rencim)

tamam, i wrote down Mahmut, DarijaSeven ve Toutacik… (mad you’re missing out brov)

Mahmut = turkish version of Mahmood… you can even add the efendi, so it sounds more sophisticated :smiley: --> “Mahmut Efendi”

DarijaSeven = DarijaLover… Seven means lover (a person who likes something)… but you can choose another name if you like :smiley:

Toutac?k = cute way of saying touta

THERE, since you all have your nicknames now, we can begin :smiley:

but we have a pupil missing, wheeeere is cici

[quote=Touta]Good idea ! I like it :okay:

At least I want to come to this corner to get some translations …haha… some friends like to put some comments in Turkish lol

I hope on LallaAicha’s help :p[/quote]
no problem :smiley: this is the relevant section to get your translations

Miss miss miss how do we say “paper bird” ? :slight_smile:

thnx for the Efendi :ty:

Teeeeeaaachaaaaaa…bathroom plz :^^:

haaaaaahaaaaaa you’re not allowed to go to the bathroom while i’m teaching either!!!

paper bird = ka??t ku?

I can till that Kagit is paper, cuz we say Kaghit in Darija :^^:

does it spell Kadjet ?
Also, when is ci spelled gi ? like cici for Gigi… & Kahwagi for kahwaCi <-- unsure

ahh… I like our turkish nicknames :ok:

kaghit is very similar to ka??t in pronounciation… im just thinking how i say it, and its like: kya-?t… do u know the turk?sh ? is? its a different vowel sound… ?ts pronounced l?ke the second e ?n legend

c is the dj sound l?ke ?n djazair or just j in english, ?t is never spelt l?ke a g, g is the normal g sound u have ?n the word go (tr:git)… ?n turk?sh, as far as my memory goes, a letter can’t have two ways of being pronounced…

does that answer your quest?on? coz ? th?nk ? m?ssed someth?ng

sorry about my ?'s btw… turk?sh keyboard hhh

btw regard?ng the word ka??t, there are people who say it without the y after k, they say kaa-?t

touta, pleasure :slight_smile: