how’s my signature ? :smiley: its alllll for you, u can look as much as u want at zi beauty of zis man :mdr: but we still sharing hun :wink:

LoL sorry for wasting a whole thread on such a topic but i had to dedicate one for lovely tukha and our man :stuck_out_tongue:

IS THIS WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT AYSE LAST NIGHT? (or whatever time it was for you) :o LOLLLLL I DIDN’T THINK IT WAS THIS, I READ YOUR REPLY ON ANOTHER THREAD AND… THAT DOESN’T MATTER! LOL! OMG he’s miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, gosh, gosh, goshhhh :frowning:

(but i like how you made a whole thread fore us three. you can have 1% for that) :hap:

HAHA yes it was what i was talking about… thanks for noticing 38738739 years later :stuck_out_tongue:

1% , bloody generous thing u are!!! :smiley:

Key words for u love: Rachid system, waterfall cough

-waiting for tukha to jump in her bath tub imagining its the waterfall in the clip-


i dont find him hot :stuck_out_tongue:

oh shoosh :stuck_out_tongue: he is gorgeous!

MR you are not alone. I’m so generous I leave 100% of him to Tukha and MPMO.

THANKYOU NUWWARA (although i am NOT happy that you don’t agree; but if that means we get him then good) :hap:
but now, nuwwara and MR out the way. it’s just me and you, ayse.

the war is on :fouet:

and ayse, did you really have to paint that image in my head?! :cry:
now i’m going to be thinking of that allll the time, daydreaming… i won’t be able to do my work and i have a lot of it :blink:

here’s one for you;
drugs, weird face, PRRAHHHHHHH



we forget this is a forum to learn darija, not to drooool over hot men
so let’s bring some moroccan into this;
what does ‘ana ndabbar rassi’ mean ??
i know dabbar means like ‘sort out’ kinda thing. so i’m guessing it means ‘i manage’ or along those lines? am i right?

Drugs? Ash hâd lbsâla! :no:

Anâ ndbbr râsî = Je me débrouillerai.

EN PLUS, while we are (kinda) on the topic of drugs (well we’re not, but whatever)
like in english, there are COUNTLESS words used for drugs, namely stuff, and… well, i don’t know LOL
i’m not sure where i got this from, but is ‘ma3joun’ a moroccan one?
because if so, i am SHOCKED… LOL!
there’s this reeeeeeally cute track, called ‘ma3joun’, with a reeeally cute baby voice, to the extent that me and my sister would listen to it together! it talked about ‘ma3joun’, and (call me silly, but) i thought it was literally tlaking about toothpaste! and teaching children in a fun way to brush their teeth… LOL :lol:
and then i can’t remember where, but i heard ‘ma3joun’ means la drogue, and so i listened to it again, and i heard things about ‘sitting under a tree’ and i assume that’s taking drugs under a tree lalalala :huh:
so now i’m confused and intrigued and interested!

btw has anybody heard this track?

thankyou SM!
and drugs, yesss, there’s a really scary video of rim-k having taken some :frowning:
what’s ‘bsaala’
OH WAIT, MR taught me this! isn’t bssel ‘bad’? :hap:

Bsâla = Dsâra = Naughty (with Haifa’s voice lol) things.

Sorry to disappoint you, but m3jôn does refer to some kind of drugs! Yep!
Can you send me that song? You never know, maybe it’s about lm3jôn dyâl ssnân. We call toothpaste like that.

Rim-K is Algerian, right?

rim-k, oui, il est algérien
merci pour l’explication encore une fois :hap:
quant a la chanson, elle dit ‘shkoon, shkoon, shkoon lli bgha ma3joun’ LOL :smiley:
yes i can send it you… how?

By e-mail. Simplymoroccan at gmail dot com :).
Thanks! I am curious.

i shall e-mail it now :slight_smile:
is gmail googlemail? i just figured that out this second LOL
i have always wanted to know haha!

Er… practically the same thing, but addresses with .googlemail.com are not the same as gmail.com.

ohhh riight
i need to research gmail
the only experience i had with that is a random address adding me and finding out it was a robot virus thing
from then on, i always thought all gmails were no-go areas :hap: