travels through morocco

As-salaam alaikum

Salut- My names Asif, im 30 from the UK.

I am planning on traveling through Morroco nexy year. I would like to ask if there are any forum members can put me into contact with some muslim brothers from Fez(preferablly) whom i may talk via email/im in English in order that I may learn something about Morrocan muslims and their culture. This may be someone they know on here or through family/friends.

Im interested in general speaking with anyone else familiar with the language-which i hope to master enough to hold a conversation,im a complete novice at this stage- customs and culture who is interested in mutual exchange of cultural ideas and thought. I am going to make a start with the lessons on the archive here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this


Hey Scot… i’m greatful to read these few lines, and happy to see poeple interested in our culture and language!
Well, just look around here and you’ll find people from different places in the country, inclued fes !!

Thanks for bein’ our friend… cuz we feel honnored by that !
And welcome among us !

thanks for the welcome and the honour is mine for your time & company- i look foward to getting to know as many people as I can on here -

now begins the journey - …not unlike ibn battuta my motivation is to experience and dar-al-islaam…and along the way apescts of life of all
the peoples of morocco


you chose the right place… and here i am, your first friend in !!
here we go with your travel, and make sure, moroccan peope are pretty nice… you’ll get used to them.

Best regards,