translation needed pls :)


i am new to this forum.
i hope u can help me out what this means in english?

thnx alot in advance :slight_smile:

Girl: wa ana machi machi choghli dir li la cam
Guy: w daba weeeeee

Wa 3alaykom salam. Welcome to the forum.

Girl: It’s not my problem, turn on the cam for me now.
Guy: Well, yes now

welcome turkis :slight_smile: we have now two turks in the forum :stuck_out_tongue: hope ur better than the one we already have :smiley: i dont wanna start believing all turks are like her :slight_smile:
enjoy ur time in SM :wink:

thanks for the translation and the nice welcoming ^^

Well, I hope I can help you guys a bit with turkish if u need my help :slight_smile:


ohhh yeah we have a corner here for learning turkish :slight_smile: ull be so useful coz really i dont trust “the turkish” that aussie is teaching there :no:

helloo turkismuslima :wink:
As for me sometimes I need some translation from turkish… Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

and yes, we have special turkish class here :slight_smile: LallaAicha is our teacher :ok:

MAD !!! how could you say that you don’t trust our LA, huh?
I have not noticed you there :stuck_out_tongue:

loll thats because i left since the first class :stuck_out_tongue: i noticed that she was giving us kurd class not a turkish one :s

hahaha… you left not only turkish class :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahaha plz dont remind me :frowning: u know what happened with the russian
now i gotta learn ukranian :smiley: i have a plan hhhhh

ukranian is a little funny for me :smiley:

shut up :stuck_out_tongue:
can u help :smiley: ???

hhhhhhhh… are you going to learn some words… ? I even can guess for whom you can use them :smiley:
or you need translation ?


hahahaha no just some words and short sentences :stuck_out_tongue:
for whom ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

if it’s only some words and short sentences…
we both know… maybe… :stuck_out_tongue:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh duuude safi just shut ur mouth daba :stuck_out_tongue: ur ruining my plans hhhh

never say shut up to Touta :gng:
she doesn’t like this …

loolllllll " go go what can ur mother do " :stuck_out_tongue:
thats a translation of a darija idiom into english lol in darija its : sir sir ach 3nd mok madir
i was surprised once when i heard a girl sayin it and she doesnt even speak english looolllll

hosgeldin turkishmuslima, im the other turk that this hiyar was talking about :smiley: aslinda her zaman hiyar degildir o ablasi ama bazen hiyarligi tutuyor boyle iste :smiley: he’s insulting my amazing teaching skills, nankor :stuck_out_tongue:

bu arada sorry i dont have my turkish keyboard now so im using english characters.
but glad to see a fellow turk on the forum :slight_smile:

SIK SIK gel emi :slight_smile:

& touta thanks for ur support benty :stuck_out_tongue:

lol u c i told ur racist :stuck_out_tongue: