the verb to have**************************

i have:::::::::::::::::::: ila dari

you have:::::::::::::::::: ila dark

he has:::::::::::::::::::: ila darss

she has::::::::::::::::::: ila darss

it has::::::::::::::::::::: ila guisse

they have::::::::::::::: ila darssen


*1- i have a bred=================== ila dari oghrome

*2- you have enough mone to buy car?============== ila dark o9arid masatsaght tonobile

and to ask quesiont we began with IZED , exmpl:

  • do you have the key?===============ized darek tela tassarot.

+exception: for we use ized just to forme sentence for( .she.they.he) but for it to forme a question we began with ISS

exemp: is there any moeny in your pocket?========== iss ghin lan kran lfloss ghe ljib nek.

so that s it , i hope it would be usefull for the biggenners .

best wishes.

tyyyyyyy abderahim, this is a great post… a very important conjugation that will be quite useful no doubt.
keep it up :okay:

thanks lalla aicha