The russian corner

so here Touta is gonna teach me russian :stuck_out_tongue:
u can start with alphabete if u want ,ur the teacher :stuck_out_tongue: , i was just givin an opinion :smiley:

ofcourse everybody can join us here … except the one who wanna just make mess here :roll:

haaaaa !!! Mad :blink:

hahaha… I was sure that you was kidding that time abt Russian, and you said that u want to know some words in russian just because I m new here… lool

But really I m always happy to help you or someone else :wink:

Just tell me do you know smth already ? …maybe some letters or words… you have a half-russian girl so I think you could learn smth from her :slight_smile:

Some languages freaks (like many people you’ll meet here) just like to know how to say hi and thanks and other stuff in foreign languages, just for the fun of it.

My suggestion is that from time to time you post here a word in Russian, and how it’s prunounced and what it means. Starting from very basic things, such as hi, thanks, bye, how are you, etc. That would be cool :wink:

Oh by the way, I don’t have a half Russian boyfriend lolll

yeah looool I know I know :wink:

Mad wants to have a fun with girls saying smth in different languages :smiley:

haha… I can help you with a half Russian boyfriend :stuck_out_tongue: No problem !

hahaha… oh sure. Should I list the requirements?
The guy should be Muslim, and he should…
Oh oops, Mad will now think that I am making a mess in his topic :unsure:

Back to Russian learning:

Thanks = ???

How on earth is that prunounced? I see a 60 at the end of the word!
Knacn-sixty everyone!

Eh, Darija-Lover… I want to learn russian with TOUTA and MAD also. ¿Hello adn How are you? :blink: :blink: Touta, how many posts you need 'till I can read Pushkin’s poetry? :smiley:

hey touta I’ll be intersted too in learning russian, I’m reserving teachers I guess, cause I’ve planned with Aicha to teach me Turkish, and I want to have a plan with you to teach me Russian (can it be on 2011 nchallah?)
I’m really serious :slight_smile: but got no time currently

and sorry Mad if I messed around…

Ouazzani, Privet ! Kak dela? (it means Hello ! How are you ?)

I m veeeeery good teacher so I donno about Pushkin but I think you ll be able to say smth in Russian in a short time :wink:

lol Puuuushkin… It’s a first time I hear that foreigner knows about him :stuck_out_tongue: My respect to you!

looll touta start from the beginning :stuck_out_tongue:
and i like ‘‘Privet ! Kak dela?’’ its is already in my list :stuck_out_tongue:

hey guys this is a classroom so silence plz :smiley:

A y bac, polka naborski borsch gorbachov kgb stalin pyka hora ! <— was that right ? :wistle:

can i sign up to your class Touta :^^:

Ahhhh… What do I see here !!! Great ! My dear students !

Welcome ! Or as we say in russian Dobro Pozhalovat’ !

Paperbird ! Where did you get these words ? :stuck_out_tongue: …most of them are right … are you going to be a best student here ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, the Russian gal is getting very popular lolll
I would bet either my left or right arm that most your male students here do not give 2 cents about the course, as they do about the teacher lollll

miss miss miss what is thank you in russian ?

Thank you - Spasibo …

but it’s sounds like spasiba :slight_smile: … it’s just some note because your russian teacher wants her students speak like real russians :wink:

Ohh… now your teacher has a question :stuck_out_tongue: How do students call a teacher in the class ?

you want the answer in darija or english or russian?

anyway english: miss touta :smiley:
darija: mu3allima/ustada… anything else peeps?
russian: me no know

all i know in russian is privet and da… i think that’s all i need for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol thank you sis … I hope you join ? :wink:

In russian it sounds hard a little bit…
teacher = uchitel’

lol if its free, why not :wink:

All i know in Russian is niz voka, njet & da :stuck_out_tongue: and vor y v zakone of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

cool Tafoukt :okay: you make me smile :smiley:

your niz voka I think means Ni zvuka = smth like shut up ! or no any sound …


loool vor v zakone … it’s a thief who finished his career loool and he is very respected in a criminal world … lol like a one in a “Godfather”

A y bac … A u vas = smth like o nti? o nta? or and you?

polka naborski … hmmm… I donno :stuck_out_tongue:
but polka means shelf

borsch … it’s a traditional soup with meat and beetroot :slight_smile:

gorbachov kgb stalin … no need to explain I think :stuck_out_tongue: it’s a surnames of famouse people and KGB …you know… some secret service in Soviet Union (this one was the time before our country started to have name Russia)

pyka … haha… Paperbird wrote it right in Russian :okay: … by latin letters - ruka = an arm

hora … I think you meant gora = mountain