The last letter ...

so this is a simple game , im gonna give a word in darija and the person below me needs to give another darija word which starts with the last letter of my word …
for example : my word is teblA , the other can say Ara ( gimme ) …

so the first word is : korsI

ps- u can include the translation of the word so that others learn new words

Isma3il :stuck_out_tongue:

ok ok,

iwa = so/yes

Aji = come

Idan = so, then…

noud = get up

Dem (blood)


Allah (God)

hania = no harm

ach - what?

lol another H

haraj = sda3

it’s only the 2nd one, calm down

Jouj = two

Hada= This :wink:

sama = sky

amin = Amen

nhar = day

rajel = man

lssan = tongue

Nergud= Sleep (Im not sure if this is said in Moroccan but it is in Algerian)

dar = house

yes mini its said but i consider it 3roubia lil bit :s it sounds bad in moroccan darija