the answer to who called me perv :P

plz check the part between 1:55 and 3:30 :stuck_out_tongue:


if im like ahmed deedat :stuck_out_tongue: then enjoy to call me perv wuahahhahahah

looool i love this guy, but you know we are not blaming you for having those feelings, just telling you not to make it so obvious what you’re thinking… there’s a difference between just thinking and thinking then saying yak?

yes true … but i was raised and educated like that , i say always the truth even if its gonna hurt me :slight_smile:

ps- yeah i like him too , he is hilarious :smiley:

duuuuude we both know that it’s best to speak the truth, but not when it comes to things like this… i mean come on, there’s always a chance of offending the person in front of you, and in particular a muslim needs to have a clean tongue, im not saying yours isn’t clean and i know you just say what’s on your mind, ya3ni no bad intentions BUT still you have to filter what you say… then again, it’s always your choice and noone can interfere with how you speak… i’m just giving you some sistaaa advice :smiley:

yeahhh =)

duuuude ofcourse u must gimme advices … why i am here and why r we muslims :stuck_out_tongue:
but really really i never meant to offend anyone by what i say :frowning: plz let me know if i did … i wanna apologize
and ok im gonna try to hide my feelings toward the best creation in da world :stuck_out_tongue:

looooool ok

I’ll try not to be too much of a “citron” when i’m giving advice though xD

hahahhahahhaha fekertini f citron hhhhhhhhhh im must check sth :stuck_out_tongue:

lol in turkish we say, what’s this face? are you selling vinegar? a bit like citron i guess

hahhahahhaha interesting :stuck_out_tongue: we must involve it to darija :stuck_out_tongue:

gimme an expression like that, when someone has an upset face, or when they frown… do you have an expression to tease them about it?

dunno :s

do u know what we mean by citron ( or 7amed ) in darija ?

well citron is lemon isn’t it?

or is there another meaning as well?

yes yes ur right …
but it has another meaning in slang darija :stuck_out_tongue:
a dull person = 7amed
when someone says a stupid joke , u say : 7amda :s ( about the joke ofcourse )
u can say also : wa 7amed nta a sat ( about the guy himself )

ps- i hope u dont use this against me in the future lol

loooool awesome

I will DEFINITELY use it. :smiley: chukran bzaaaaaaf akhouya

ur welcome sistah :slight_smile:

aww how sweet! :hap:

[quote=Madridista]plz check the part between 1:55 and 3:30 :stuck_out_tongue:


if im like ahmed deedat :stuck_out_tongue: then enjoy to call me perv wuahahhahahah[/quote]
Hahaha LMFAOOOO … lol Mad i was only messing with you :stuck_out_tongue: you’re not a perv you pervert :stuck_out_tongue: no but for real i was only playing =)

tafoukt u think im gonna stop my attitude after hearin this aww how sweet! happy from mini

Hahaha no i don’t :stuck_out_tongue: :xD