The ALPHABET.. apprendre le tifinagh

this is a video that will teach you the berber (amazigh) alphabet… inshallah it will be useful for you… it was for me…
but i am not sure on one thing, do all berbers use the same alphabet… check it out and tell me…


this one is good too but not that clear as there is some sort of watermark message riiight in the middle of the screen but still it is quite a handy vid…


Thank you!


Those letters look so funny, I searched a bit.

Et aussie en francais:

nuwwara, MR you’re both welcome!

but do imazighen write from left to right? it seems so from the word “amazigh” ???

In one of the links I posted it said you can right it anyway. So not only left to right, but also right to left and also top to bottom etc.

wooow! it amazing… :yuck: i looked two or three of your links i found them interesting but i didn’t see this info…thankssss nuwwara

Your welcome! [q]Today, standard is left-to-right. But earlier also right-to-left was common. In ancient inscriptions one saw both bottom-to-top and top-to-bottom. For right-to-left writing, the glyphs are reflected in a vertical axis. For vertical writing, they are rotated.[/q] That’s the first one I found again.

A really good where u can learn tifinagh

I learned all letters :dance: :ok:

i´d rather learn the arabic alphabet - does anyone know nice and free links to learn how to read & write?

There are a lot of links, but this is the Tashl7it and not the Arabic part of the forum.

Sorry, i’m really really ignorant about all of this XD
Can you tell me the difference between tifinagh and tachelhit?
Thank you so much for patience XD

So, i’ve found this:

Recently the government of Morocco adapted Tifinagh as the “official” alphabet to write Berber languages in Morocco that up to this point did not have a writing system or were written in either Arabic or Latin alphabets. Signs were added to the traditional Tifinagh to denote vowels as well as sounds not found in the original alphabet. This new system is called Neo-Tifinagh, and it is Tamazight, Tachelhit, Kabyle
So it’s simply the tachelhit alphabet,right? :slight_smile:

Oh, another question, but to write in tachelhit i have to write from right to left or not?


i think tifinagh is the alphabet that is used and tachelhit is a dialect of amazigh

nobody i know who is berber and from the countryside can read or write at all…just some of the men can do very basic stuff…they say it’s a spoken language not a written one and they can’t read it at all…

i think it’s coz they only started teaching it to kids in written form just recently, in schools they didn’t have it back then i assume