Tell us the most embarrassing/7chouma story of your life

Come on, all the Moroccan and non-Moroccan eyes are focusing here. Spill the beans!

lol doudi :smiley: But are you expecting ppl come by themselves and say such things? :blush:
Well I feel they will in fact but they will say less embarrassing situations, to be frank I’ll wait & see till I find many ppl starting to narrate their own stories first :wink:

duuude i wont do that lol … well maybe if LA and admin arent here :stuck_out_tongue: i dont want my story to be full of STARS

loool really cool idea… B

But I m lost… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not asking for any stars… just embarrassing stories, but those that you can tell.

what about starting with yours Doudi?
we need some encouragement, so yalla encourage us :wink:

Haha can’t think of any right now. I would have said one if I had it in mind.

Khewwafin safi! (What a bunch of cowards :P)

yeah that’s me :stuck_out_tongue:
well I just need some push, any pusher around…helloooo :wink:

Goooo gigi!

hahahahahhhah come on doudi … i need to have an idea about embarrassing stories :stuck_out_tongue:

what a weak pusher!!! :s :stuck_out_tongue:

The most embarrassing thing i ever remember happened to me…

i was like 15 or maybe younger or older…once in the mosque, i was happy to pray in the 1st line, & i was standing next to the Mu’addin in my left & another sheikh on my right, & the Imam of course right infront of me…& it was a 3assr prayer, after we finished, & without knowing that there’s no Nawafil after 3assr, i stood up & started praying, infront of the imam, the mu’addin & the sheikh of the mosque, & since it was the 1st line, of course it was infront of Ummat La ilaha illa llah…(everyone is sitting & i’m standing)

i remember after i stood up to pray, the Mu’addin sitting down looked at me in a surprised way, after i finished 2 Rak3at, i went along & suddenly an old man from the back lines stopped me & told me that there’s no Nawafil after 3assr !!!

i wasn’t embarrassed as much as i was bothered by the fact that none of those 3 heads of the mosque i was sitting next to bothered to stop me when i stood up to pray Nafila.

I still till today feel ashamed of that moment, the old man that stopped me is still alive & i still see him in the mosque, the mu’addin & the sheikh are still there too, & i still go there & pray in 1st lines if i could, but only in 3isha when it’s dark, & if i went there for 3assr, i keep as much as i can away from first 4 lines, or i simply go to another mosque.

duuuude thats hania wellah … u didnt know , and u learnt from ur mistake
but , about the three they didnt stop u … well they cant know what r u doin , if ur prayin a nafila or sth else … i’ll give an example , i was sick for like a week and i didnt pray during this week , the next week i was prayin normally but after every salaat i pray another salaat for the week i was sick … like i pray two sob7 two dohr … and ofcourse when im in the mosque and its 3asr salaat we finish the salaat and i start my other 3asr … and nobody talked to me and if someone did i would ne99ilo wedno :stuck_out_tongue: as we said …
dunno maybe ur right about it coz kon makanch the old man … u’ll think for the rest of ur life that we pray nafila after l3asr .
dude in moroccan mosques there many imams ghir dial tserfi9 wellah :s

Thanks, Paperbird :wink:

I m not a muslim so maybe I can’t understand your feelings exactly…

Anyway I think it’s impossible to live perfect. What a life without mistakes !

And sometimes just you pay attention to some things and just for you it’s smth what makes you feel ashamed, the same time people even don’t remember and maybe even didn’t notice your mistake… :slight_smile:

LOL PB thanks for sharing xD

speaking of the mosque, i got some embarrassing moments at taraweeh prayers that i cant forget, it doesn’t sound that embarrassing when you write it down though, or maybe im just a boring explainer… i dont know

p.s: doesn’t 3asr have 4 sunnah before the fard?

@Mad, in fact those imams were not dyal tsarfi9, they were very respected that’s why i felt ashamed :stuck_out_tongue:

@Touta, don’t tell me people didn’t notice me, i was the only standing boy infront of over 100 sitting people :hit: if u mean that no one would remember me when they see me, well…that makes me feel a lil better :mdr:

@L.Aicha, i’m used to pray after Dohr, so i thought it would be ok after 3assr too :ok:

My most embarrassing story is related to someone who has passed away Llah yer7amha, so i won’t explain that… but i’ll tell you a shadow of that story, its not really THAT THAT THAT embarrassing… but it was for the 13 year old aicha.

we were at taraweeh prayer, and it was assumed to be laylat qadr that night (the 25th or 26th of ramadan), mind you it was summer so maghreb was at like 8.50 pm and isha was really late, like 10 or something, so the imam -who i know very well- was doing the loooooong du3a they do on laylat qadr, and i was sitting in the saf with women left right centre, it was quite packed because people that don’t even pray normally come to mosque on laylat qadr (turks mostly)… so anyway, the imam (hodja) was doing the du3a and i could feel my eyes cloooosing and clooosing and getting ready to fully shut :sleep: …THEN, i opened my eyes, and i found myself on the ground, i looked up and everyone still had their hands out doing the du3a and looking at me -I had fallen asleep and unconsciously tipped forward, almost knocking out the lady in front of me-… i went sooooo pink, didn’t even wink after that… kept my eyes wide open till the end… :sh:

since we began the first story with a mosque one, i thought i’ll add my mosquey one too :slight_smile:

Did u find urself lying on your belly with your face on the ground :blink: , well, it’s a good deal u woke up before they finish Du3a :lol:

hahhahahahahaha LA … it never happened to me but i always c ppl sleepin durin the jomo3a :smiley:
especially when lkhotba is so dull … so no harm ur not the first or last person to do that :wink:

PB, you have no reason to avoid the mosque for that old story. Even if the Imam and other men remember you. You’re a grown up now, and they are sure will not do such a thing again.

LA, lol, it’s funny to fall asleep like that, but don’t worry, since you were young, your good Muslima reputation is not ruined. :wink:

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