Tashl7it Textbook

The Peace Corp does not only have a textbook for darija, but I found one for tashl7it, too. But it use Latinate transcription and Arabic letters and the copy isn’t that good, but I think better than nothing: http://eric.ed.gov/ERICDocs/data/ericdocs2sql/content_storage_01/0000019b/80/14/cb/b6.pdf

There is also one available for Tamazight:

wow thanks nuwwara, ur becoming quite a helpful one :smiley: chukran bzzzzzaaaaaf khti

Your Welcome! I found last week-end the link to that amazing database.

Thank you nuwwara :slight_smile:

Interesting, that’s worth taking a look at. Choukrane!

There is also a Tamazight/English dictionary:Tamazight Dictionary. Does anyone know what variety of Tamazight it uses?



Thanks for this link Andrea! Heading over to Maghrib to stay with an Amazigh family in a couple of weeks and was hoping to have something more than my beginner’s Darija to go on, so this will come in really useful :slight_smile: