skerti and dakhti


and also, how do we say this in darija:

  • evident/obvious

skerti = ur drunk or r u drunk ?

dekhti = ur lost like when ur saying none sense things , which is ur hobby a lalla :smiley:

evident/obvious = bayna

skerti : u got drunk
dekhti: lost concentration, felt sick, got drunk, got high.

obvious: bayn/na, wad7/7a

wad7a wdou7chems nhar jmil :^^: i was about to say nooo this is fus7a when this song came to my mind hhhhhhhhhhhhh

thanks so much guys… it’s obvious what people think of me now lollllll jk

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh duuuude if we dont know that ur an extremist terrorist radicalist islamist , we would think the same about u here in the forum lol jk

Sadd 3lia hadak dargoum!!!


hhhh nice one :smiley: even though its not acceptable from a lady like u
but that shows that ur moroccanizing urself
bonne continuation …

is that a bit aggressive for a woman to say?

duude u know that in morocco talking like a 3roubi sounds bad for the majority of moroccans , sometimes even 3roubi ppl cant deny this …
this is why its becomin an insult the word 3roubi
so id like ppl here to learn a good darija … ofcourse u must know words like dargoum coz u may hear it in morocco but dont use it plz , it sounds bad

hmmmm oky doke
i thought it was a bad word itself, but you’re just saying it sounds bad coz its 3roubi

yeah … i dont want ppl to laugh at my students darija :stuck_out_tongue:


eeeeuhhh monsieur, i don’t remember signing up to your class :roll:

looooooolllll coz i banned u :smiley:

was it because of the paper ball i shot at your face?

sorry, it won’t happen again :frowning:

noooo coz u were eatin in the classroom :^^: ness khobza fiha mer9a dl bare7 w btata

ustaaaaaaaaad but i offered some to u tooo stop being a 2 face now

shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu that was between us :stuck_out_tongue:

shutup the whole class saw it what secret

:fouet: ok minus 2 to the whole class