Since this is a Speak Moroccan website.....

how come we can’t learn berber on it too? it would be nice if someone could just put up basic phrases etc. in berber… i’m not asking for extensive lessons like the derja, just a few phrases and pronouns etc. maybe :smiley: would be nice

i know SM you guys have done heeeeeaaaps for us already but if it’s possible, and if you have the time, then it would also be nice if you can put up some berber stuff too :slight_smile:


you mean a berber( Amazigh) section?

Y not, i wanna learn too :slight_smile:

ME TOO! :smiley:
the day before yesterday i went around my whole class (who are mainly english LOL) and wrote their names in tachel7yt :hap:
most of them looking at me blankly, like “what is this?” so i had to epxlain what amazigh were!

salam ! I can help with that inshAllah :slight_smile: am berber or Amazigh :slight_smile:

Glad to know that u r interested !


yes i mean amazigh MR, and abdessamad that would be LOVELY :smiley: all i know in berber is “achkide” :stuck_out_tongue:

tukha you are indeed a teacher ma’am :smiley: and you know how to write in berber?? how come u haven;t taught me yet :fouet: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh then u know Achkide hehe :slight_smile: …I am just surprised that tukha knows how to write with Amazigh ! Tifinagh Alphabets :slight_smile:

I dunno how to write with this anyways ! it looks like Chinese for me hehe

LoL chinese?? bismillaaah i’m sure its not that bad :slight_smile:
there are actually quite some berbers in morocco and algeria that cannot speak it… it’s good that you’ve learnt it… well done. do you want to start by writing up some phrases like for instance how to say

  • Hello:
  • What’s your name?:
  • How are you?:
  • Where are you?:
  • What’s wrong with you?:
  • Why are you so retarded?: :stuck_out_tongue: im joking about this one

or anything else that you want to share with us :wink: chukran d’avance

THANKYOU ayse for starting this page! i can feel it will be popular :smiley: with me, for instance, yaaay :slight_smile:
and THANKYOU abdessamad for helpinggg!!! so kind :smiley:
and yeahh, i cannot write off the top of my head; i printed out a list of the letters and their arabic sound translation etc :smiley: so it was kinda more like a code breaking, code making excercise :slight_smile: and it was probably all wrong at that!
but i am eager to learn more :slight_smile: because part of my plans for the future (life in morocco, that is) is inchallah to spend some time (i mean, years) living amongst the amazigh of the high atlas mountainsss! (okay maybe less than years, we’ll see what happens inchallah) :smiley:
so i’m excited to know these phrases!
manik ant git (i know there is a wrong letter in there somewhere, but yes) how are you in chel7?


salam All :slight_smile:

Thank you Tukha and Ayse ( by the way this name is Turkish means Aisha right !) for starting the page and being interested in learning Berber or Amazigh :).
InshAllah , I will try to make some lessons in Tashl7it as soon as possible :). I prefer starting with some Grammar mixed with common expressions as Ayse suggested:).

I just wanna clarify something before we start !. I am going to help in Tashl7it dialect which is knwon in the region of Souss in Morocco. There are Three versions of Berber or Amazigh in Morocco :slight_smile: : Tachl7it in souss region , Tamazight and Tarifit in the north of Morocco. For your informations, some Amazigh ppl prefer being called Amazigh to Berber as they see the word berber as offensive . Berber = Barbar .


That’s a really good idea.

yesss, because berber derives from the same roots as “barbaric” which is like “violent” :hap:
i cannot wait to get started! thankyou abd :smiley:

But there are many other words used for groups of people that come from barber or are way more offencive. Like for example the Slavic word for Germans or Germany that is behind the Arabic Nimsa for Austria.

@ MPM:
Actually, that’s definitely part of the plan. We will get our current lessons and vocabulary lists (since written and compiled by US) translated into Tashl7it, because that’s the dialect we speak. There is a lot to do for the website, inshallah everything will be done in time :).

[quote=tukha]ME TOO! :smiley:
the day before yesterday i went around my whole class (who are mainly english LOL) and wrote their names in tachel7yt :hap:
most of them looking at me blankly, like “what is this?” so i had to epxlain what amazigh were![/quote]
You learned Tifinagh?

I know the name of your teacher… Ahmed Sultan :mdr:.

Shame on us, eh! I know how to write my name, and the alphabet is pretty fun, but every time I have to learn it by heart all over again.
Nowadays, Amazigh is taught at school, and kids as tall as my arm can read Tifinagh fluently. I find that amazing! It even makes me jealous.

Are there also different alphabets? Or is there just one beber one?

So I also got too excited that the ideas we are planning for the forum are welcome even before launching them :), so I didn’t even take the time to read the whole thread.
So here is my suggestion, since Abdssamad is kind to suggest his help: I can open a sub forum for Tashl7it (if we have Tamazight and Tarifit speakers in the future, that will be even cooler), and we can move there Abd’s first lessons on pronouns. We can start small, and you get Abd and I coaching you, until we have the Berber version up and running.
Whaddaya think?

i didn’t learn it properly. it’s just the writing of letters :smiley:

super! I’ll be one off the students, promised!

And I know a few words: let’s start with one : ahrum = bread

Very good idea SM. I think it would be good to get some information about the culture, tradition and the differences between Tashl7it, Tamazight and Tarifit (wasn’t there one more??).