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Hello all,

I am a foreigner living in Morocco, my native language is english. It would be easier just to speak french but I believe this excludes you from much of moroccan society, also during much of my day I interact mostly with many poor people who do not speak french. I speak some dareeja, I can usually say what I want, but often have difficulty understanding people especially when they speak quicky, or do not speak clearly.

inshoofuk minbad

Hello Jimbo, mr7ba bîk m3ânâ!
Where do you live in Morocco? I agree with you! When you’re living in Morocco, you better learn Darija rather than French. This way you’ll get to communicate with a greater number of people.
Let us see you use Darija in the forum :).
See you around.

Mr7bâ bîk Jimbo66! :slight_smile:

Shukran admin w Elise_m,

Kanskin f fes. Ghadi ntakalem f dareega hna mlli kannqdar, wlakeen ddareeja f ketab, mashee she haja bedebt.


You live in Fès? it’s great!
May I ask you if you know a good hostel there?
I’ve just heard talking about three places where we could go : Hotel Volubilis, Hôtel Rex and Hôtel central, with a preference for Hôtel Rex. Do you know them?

Kool hotel ktabtee she hotel romi f la ville. Manarf hum.
Kandnn she hotel f dar beldi f medina 7shan.
Dar Seffaraine she mainson d’Hote zween bzef (
Htta hua kan Dar El Hanna (
Ila f mjmou3a, yumkin she dar dyalkum bodhekum, shoof f Dar Settash (


Shôkran bzzâf Jimbo. :slight_smile:
I’m going to try to translate your message, sorry I don’t speak darija, I didn’t understood all… :sorry:

Mar7ba bik Jimbo66 ! :welcome:

Welcome to the forum Jimbo66 :slight_smile: