Shaking hands with the opposite gender...

I know this is an interesting issue with Muslims in the west, generally when a man offers to shake our hand (if we’re a girl) we automatically respond with Thanks, but I don’t shake hands or we act like we didn’t see his hand OR BETTER YET, we do crazy things out of panic cough and sometimes we, with a guilty conscienc,e shake his hand… Since recently I acted strangely when a dude put out his hand -I don’t know what made me do it but i did it and i’m still laughing at myself for it- I began to wonder what everyone else does in the same situation… Guys, when a female offers to shake your hand, what do you do? and Girls, same question, if a guy kindly wants to shake your hand what do you do?

Juz curious :wink:

Tell me about it :hm: i’m a lonely (almost the only) boy in a class of over 20 girls…
I have to shake like 5 to 10 hands every morning & half of them are 7ijabis :roll:
I usually don’t present my hand, exept if i’m shaking a male’s hand & females are standing with him. otherwise, females present their hands to me & i just find myself shaking them !

That’s about my daily class…let alone my daily life.

well it depends … in spain i shake boys hands and i kiss girls
but in morocco its a lil bit complicated ( well only with strangers ) since my friends and family … i know each girl if she shakes hands or she only says salam or she needs a kiss … but its still complicated with girls i met for the first time :S coz hijab has nothin to do with this … i know hijabi girls kayselmo b la bise … and ofcourse a girl without hijab doesnt mean she is a *****

just a remark … for girls who dont shake hands , ofcourse they r free … but i think they must say that before the other person offers his hand :s … its impolite to leave him offerin his hand and then u say oohhh sorry i dont shake hands … if he already offered his hand , u must shake it and tell him that u dont do that for the next time … this is just a personal opinion :wink:

thanks to both of you for sharing…

yes, I agree, Mad :ok:

But how it’s look like in real… a girl must say that before other person :unsure: hmm…

In my country I never do this, I mean shake hands. I just say Hello or Good morning/afternoon and so on…
Mostly here only men shake hands. And girls kiss saying greetings (I don’t do this also). Men never kiss each other ! …like in Morocco… I find so funny when my moroccan guys-friends kiss and say their labas bikhir bikhir labas … Funny in good meaning! :stuck_out_tongue: I like this!

But being in Morocco I always shake hands because all people offer their hands… it happens automatically… and in Morocco it’s ok for me :ok:

looll well we dont kiss eachother each time we meet in morocco ( i mean for boys ) … its only if u dont c him for a long time ( lol well sometimes 2 days is a loooong time hhhhhh )
but yeah as u said in morocco its ok …

omg i hate this when it happens coz i end up doin it and then kick myself for doin it :unsure:
i also cringe when a man touches my whole hand to give me change (when most of the times theyre muslim tsk tsk)
but here thank god the greeting doesnt involve u kissing each other whether girls to girls or boys and girl, just close friends do it so im fine there, but id die if someone tried to kiss me…id push him and scream wth dya think ur doing?! luckily ill never have to go through that :hap:

as for hijabis theyre the same as non hijaabis as they both shake hands so thats not really an issue for most.

you know you’re right… even though im so self protective, i tend to shake their hand when they offer it… and… i hate myself for it. but the last time a dude offered his hand, i did something bizaaaare. :roll:

anyway, i think its a very hard situation, you can’t tell the dude “i dont shake hands” before he offers it… that’s just laaaame…

It happened with me before but was like the opposite, i mean i didn’t say i don’t shake hands, but was asked wether i shake hands or not instead.

It was few years ago ( back at highschool ), i was growing my chin like Tankian (of S.O.A.D), & that girl started shaking my friends’ hands & when she got to me, she said: “brother, tell me first , do you shake hands ?”…she thought i’m a Ikhwani xxxDDD

I shake hands, and all my friends do the same, whether they be Muslims or not.

Haha sorry if i’m being ignorant, but is it like a sin to shake hands with men? :open_mouth:

Just a quick q though, if you’re on a job interview, and the man introduces himself and reaches out his hand, would you take it or not?

A man should not touch any woman that is not his wife, mother, sister or daughter…etc
i.e “ma7arim” (icluding tants, antis…& so on)…& so the same for woman, should not touch a non-ma7ram (not her husband, brother, son…etc)

In another clear meaning, any one who is ok for you to marrie, is not ok for you to touch. (before/without marriage)

  • somebody corrects me if i’m wrong.

well thats true its haraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam and no one can say the opposite
but personally i think that shaking a girl’s hand isnt gonna provocate my desire and then doin haram with her :s ( well sometimes just a look from a girl do the job :smiley: let alone touching her hands ) … this is why i shake girls hands and kiss them coz generally i dont have any bad intention :roll:

Did u mean look “at” a girl ? anyway…read the short poem in the Fos7a thread
it’s not like Qur’an, but it does say sth.

no i did mean a look from her

typical mad typical lol
yeah im sure touching hands doesnt do anything, its complicated not being allowed to shake the opposites hands and its veryyyyyyyyyyyy awkward saying u cant shake their hand coz they look at u and then not know how to act with you :roll:

looooooooooooooolllllllll mini … well heaven is not that cheap :smiley: we must do our best
im planning to marry a japanese :stuck_out_tongue: i dont want any F man to kiss my wife :fouet: … japaneses dont even shake hands :stuck_out_tongue:

haha sa7 we hve to make sacrifices and do stuff we may not want to :stuck_out_tongue:
omg mad u dont want men kissing ur wife but ur happy kissin girls??? contradictioooooooooooooooooooon!!! lol u boys r al the same :roll:

no no no no no shut up :fouet:

i dont want men to kiss my wife and this is my right ( if she is ok with me ofcourse )
buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut i didnt force any girl or woman to gimme her cheek … generally they first offer their cheek not me :hap:

Well…can’t blame you then…

Nor blame myself…we’re not stones !