Shaking hands with the opposite gender...

@mad: what if a dude offers his cheek then what?? :cool:
@ papers: LOOOOOOL at stones haha :lol:

if he is not a friend or a member of my family :smiley: i skip it

well im glad im not gonna be ur wife then lol

ah u meant the guy offers his cheek to my wife :open_mouth: ??? loooooooolllllll i’ll kick his ass and bitch at her ( yeah i know its not her fault lol but i’ll do it anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )

omg LOOL haha
thats more like it but its not the wife’s fault so just kick the guy and leave the girl haha :roll:

well if the girl is mini yeah ill leave her in peace :stuck_out_tongue:

omg and if the girl is not mini u wouldnt?
wow im proud to be a mini then haha

yeah poor girls :stuck_out_tongue:

hhhhhhh lol ur tellin me, just treat em as mini’s and theyll b fine :hap:
if only other dudes would leave me alone :fouet:

what :open_mouth: where when why how grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr werihomli :fouet:
do u need a bodyguard :stuck_out_tongue:

awwwwww bless u mad! :hap:
well i could certainly do with one sometimes :roll: na correction all the time :flag:

Oki thanks PB for the info… i’m learning new stuff err day :stuck_out_tongue:


It happened with me before but was like the opposite, i mean i didn’t say i don’t shake hands, but was asked wether i shake hands or not instead.

It was few years ago ( back at highschool ), i was growing my chin like Tankian (of S.O.A.D), & that girl started shaking my friends’ hands & when she got to me, she said: “brother, tell me first , do you shake hands ?”…she thought i’m a Ikhwani xxxDDD[/quote]
LOL! that makes you a member of my club, with the other khwanjis hhhhhh

A man should not touch any woman that is not his wife, mother, sister or daughter…etc
i.e “ma7arim” (icluding tants, antis…& so on)…& so the same for woman, should not touch a non-ma7ram (not her husband, brother, son…etc)

In another clear meaning, any one who is ok for you to marrie, is not ok for you to touch. (before/without marriage)

  • somebody corrects me if i’m wrong.[/quote]
    no you’re right. you’re not supposed to mingle and touch ppl from the opposite gender that are considered your ma7ram (somebody you can marry)

i guess in this day and age people do more than just shaking hands, so it isn’t a big deal… but that doesn’t make it less haram
Allah y3wn :frowning:

Correction: ma7ram = you can NOT marry <— it’s ok to shake their hands, you mixed things up :^^:

ooopss my bad, i don’t call myself fishbrain for no reason…
thanks for looking out :wink:

i found this video about shaking hands with the opposite gender … a great explanation by the professor Farid al anssari ( llah yre7mo :frowning: i heard that he died last month in turkey … he was our best khateb of jumo3a in meknes :cry: )


Mashallah, now i know we really lost a treasure like the Khateeb said…

I think it’s been over 2 months since the friday khotba in most Casa mosques was about his biography & death.
The khateeb said some stuff that i wished i knew this man before he passed away…
reminds me of regretting not knowing Deedat the legend before he passed away too.

So after all, it’s obvious that shaking hands is noway allowed since there wasn’t even a clear text talkin about it.

yeah maybe two months , une foi au maroc je per le sens du temps :^^: