saying hello for the first time!

Just popping in to say hello as it’s my first time here, just joined (obviously! :smiley: ) I’ve been sort of studying darija off and on for the last few years, but really haven’t gotten far, mostly because I’ve been lazy…:hm: Anyway, I’m determined now to get on with it. I’ve been to morocco 5 - 6 times now, last summer was the last time. I can say some words and I understand a little when I hear it. It’s the million different ways that the words are written that make me crazy!

3wachar mabrouka!

Salam and mr7ba :).
How did you like Morocco? What city did you like most? If any photos to share, feel free to! :slight_smile:

Don’t care about spelling, what matters is speaking. In Morocco, you will not be reading Darija transliterated, but you’ll hear it spoken and you’ll speak it to others. I only correct spelling here when I think that it’s misleading for pronunciation. Yallah, show us what you know to say, and I hope that you’ll get to learn much more.

See you around!

Nadine… The USA… and the avatar. All combined make me think you are Nadine that I know. Is that you? :slight_smile:

mr7ba bik petaljam ! :welcome:

Mer7ba bik!!
hope u like it here!!
where are u from?