Salam w 3laikum.

Ana jdid fl-forum, lyuma lul marra kan-3mel shi 7aja f7al hada. Ana catalan, men shemal spanya, lakin seken flshemal dyalmaghrib, fTanjah. Iden, llughat dialy machi l3arabya, w machi ldarija w machi linglis.

So, I apologize for my english and my darija. Anyway, I hope You will understand and correct me, please, in darija at least :P.

I don’t speak fus7a and I learned what I know of darija in the streets, working, buying… (and some home studiyng alone), so I only speak darija Tanjawi. Excuses again if it sound sometimes like slang to non-northern-darija-speakers.:^^:

¡¡¡Allah ikwen menkum zra3 w zerria7!!!

waaa mr7ba bik, ddarija dialk mzyaaaana bzaf… tbarakallah 3lik

Mer7ba bik Ouazzani. You also chose a native nickname ;).
I personally won’t correct your English, it’s not my native language either. We have been learning new Darija words from each other in the forum just because we are from different cities. So the Tanjawi accent is definitely a huge plus. No other Tanjawis are around to contradict you, so we’ll take your Tanjawi Darija for granted :cool:. I had asked in the forum about some Ouejdi vocabulary to enrich my Darija, but no one showed up :(. So I am up for some Tanjawi.

PS: It’s zerri3a, not zerria7.

well u darija is good ( ofcourse for chamalis lol not me ) … here in this forum it seems that we dont care about regions and darija differences blah blah blah … thats wrong lol generally here we r learning Casawi darija :smiley: so pay attention of what ur pickin up here , if u use it with ppl in the north of morocco they cant understand u :S
another thing , here we use french alfabete to express darija , when u use the spanish one … a lot of ppl may not understand u … duude u’ll have a lot of troubles here :smiley: but thats good , with troubles we learn more :wink:

Ana jdid fl-forum, lyuma “awal” marra kan-3mel shi 7aja f7al “hadi”. Ana catalan, men shemal "dial"spanya, lakin seken “f shemal” dyal maghrib, fTanjah. Iden, llughat dialy machi l3arabya, w machi ldarija w machi linglis.

¡¡¡Allah ikwen menkum zra3 w “”"“zerri3a”"""!!!

Why are you scaring the guy? :no:
We are not all Casawi here. It’s just a coincidence if most people in the forum ask for translations of messages with a Casawi accent.

Scaring is what he does best, along with scarring.

You know what?
I reckon we should make an accent thread… where we post stuff and guess which accent it is, or wait… that will get too chaotic :hm:

Shukran bzzzzzzef 3ala sa7i7 l kalam dyali.

3ndkum l-7aq: l-kataba dyal darija machi sahl ida ma-kayn-shi l-qanun. hnaya, f-esh-shmal, ka-n-3mlu-h shuya f-l-Triqa spanyolia. en-naS ma-kai-hadro-shi bzzef l-faransya, f7al l-janub, w kaynin bzzef elli ka-i-hadru wla ka-i-fahmu spanyiol. I will try to adaptate my writing.

Darija-lover, don’t worry… Madridista don’t scare me. He is right about the dialectal differences. Nowadays, the casawi dialect is growing up because the television, radio and internet, but in Tangier there is a focus of resistence: “Shinu 3indek ntina, l-3ayl?”

And yes, there is some hate between north and south or between some cities (like Tanjah - Tetwan). People in the north are really “racists” towards south people. They have a word -and is not a nice word- that applies to everybody who lives below the line La3rach-FaS : “3aroby”. In south they say that northern people, specially from Tanjah and Tetwan, they are “ma3agazin, wlad dial spanyiolin”, or that they speak like girls… It’s funny if you are not in the fight, because is not a necessary, a real deep hate.

But I only will “hate” Madridista because of his/her nickname :fouet: I’m “barsawi”, and as you probably know, the real “fight” in morocco now is the soccer one!

Tanjawi, l-uden 3la lakhbar, l-3in 3la l-b7ar, es-s**a 3la l-hjar.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ouazzani i appreciate that u spoke about racisme :stuck_out_tongue: , i didnt dare do it , u know , there r a lot of new darija learners here and its not good to show them the bad side first
and yeah u’ll hate me too if u know that i have un acento andaluz jajajajajaj

DL and LA , this is not scaring this is chafafya :smiley:

Hello and :welcome: Ouazzani :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you.
Hope you’ll enjoy your time here :slight_smile:


tbarkellah alik! your darija is really good! :slight_smile:
and i think we are learning all types of draija because we all come from different cities.

hope to see u around

na3sti sha3r, lakin khdamti bzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeef lyuma!


Mnin ntina?

looooooooooooooool…ghir lkhedma bzaaaaaf ma b9a 3bdi we9t ndkhl lhad forum!

ana men casaaa :slight_smile:

[quote=Ouazzani]na3sti sha3r, lakin khdamti bzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeef lyuma!
You meant shahr, month, not sha3r, hair.


Salaam Ouazzani wo metcharfin!

awe here u r again heheheheh i thought ull never be back here
welcome back dude and did u find someone to help u in chicago ?

where did the guy disappear?