salut everybody)

Hi to all! so i’m Dasha and i’m from Russia :ange: so i’m curious in this site cuz i’ve got friend in maroc and i was really glad to find this resourse it’s so much useful! my friend was happy to read, for ex., sms which i sent him in darija, so thnx a lot for existence :^^:

Welcome to the forum, Dasha Dashunya! There are many nice, smart, helpful superlative people here. We all hope that you will become a frequent poster.

By the way, did anyone else notice that Kounouz and Nuwwara are at this moment exactly tied for 3rd/4th place among all-time posters? I’ll bet that I am the only one who saw that. I’m thinking Nuwwara will post next, what do you guys think?

Have a nice day. I have to get on to the business of helping my daughters with their math and science now. Bye Bye.

thnx))wish to ur daughters succesful study and just excellent marks))

Welcome to SpeakMoroccan, Dasha. I am glad you’re finding useful things around in the forum. Don’t hesitate to ask when you need help, and I’ll see you around :).

@ Ummaryam:
Yeah, I didn’t notice, but Nuwwara will certainly post next. Kounouz is no longer active, unfortunately.
See you around too :).

Mr7ba bik Dasha !


thank u SimplyMoroccan))i won’t be shy i promise :^^: :okay:

shukran bezaf hiba :angel:

Mer7ba bik Dashunya!
Glad to have u among us!
see you around!