Salomaleikum! I'm NAZ :)

Hi everyone ! I found this forum by searching a link: kazakh and moroccan. Actually I was searching for kazakh girls who re dating with moroccan guys :)) Or married :slight_smile: As far as I know that some kind of moroccan culture is a bit similar to kazakh culture. I would love to talk to kazakh girls who could build the family and future with moroccan guys ) Kazakh Tradition and some kind of culture look like Moroccan. :^^: Maybe that’s why I love this country, also I love my moroccan prince as well ) Hope to find other friends and people who loves Moroccan culture and Morocco same as Me ! :ma:

Welcome to the forum, Naz. I am not sure whether we have other Kazakh members here, feel free to take a virtual tour and see by yourself. Hopefully you’ll learn a lot with us, and there will always be someone to answer your questions.
Mer7ba bik.