Hello to all of my arabic friends! I’m Brianna. I am American but my husband is Moroccan. I love arabic music! Does anyone have info. om E.lam Jay and other singers? Thanks!

welcome brianna xD
i don’t, but hopefully others will
are they moroccan?

Salam Brianna, and welcome to the forum.
Elam Jay was well known afterthis song of his. I personally only heard of another song by him, and I didn’t quite like it.
For other singers, you can check our music forum, you’ll discover a wide variety of singers and video clips.

Hey Brianna!
Welcome to the forum!
Hope you will enjoy!
See you around!

mr7ba bik Brianna !

And just for a bit of correction, I think you meant “salam” in your message subject, if you mean the greeting, “peace”. Salema/Salima is more of a feminine name, meaning “safe”.