Salam, Smeiti Emma. Ana bikeir hamdoulah- wach tethem?

Bonjour tout le monde. Je suis une anglaise qui habite et travail en France. Je viens de connaitre des amis du Maroc et je voudrais les surprendre dans quelques semaines avec mes phrases en Arabe!
Heloo everyone, I’m a British girl who lives and works in France. I have just become friends with some Moroccan guys and I’d like to be able to surprise them in a few weeks with my new arabic phrases!

A bientot
See you soon
Beslama, Thalla f ra?ek

Wa 3alaykom ssalam Emma. We’re glad you found our forum, and I am confident you’ll find here all the help you need. Did you see that we have a translation forum?
En fait, qu’est ce que tu voulais dire par wech tethem? :hap:

Au plaisir de te lire sur les forums.


wech tethem= do you understand? haha, I guess not if you had to ask!

Then it’s a f instead of t: tefhem. So you meant: wash fhmti?
And yes, fhmt all the first parts :).

Ahlan wa sahlan biki.

:welcome: :welcome:

Mr7ba bik m3ana!
Where do you work in France? Some place where there is a lot of Moroccans for sure. :ok: