salam Just ran into this Moroccan website and wanted to join


welcome here Abdessamad :slight_smile:

salam i am new here to :^^:

Welcome to the forum, Abdessamad. I hope that you’ll become an active member.
By the way, are you learning Moroccan Darija too?

mar7ba bik abdessamad ! :welcome:

Maer7ba b abdessamad :smiley:

Ramadan Muabark
Mbark l3awshir
sorry for being late to reply :slight_smile: In fact am a Moroccan and am not learnin Darija . I would like to help in promortin this forum by my humble contributions n suggestions. Thank you all for the warm welcome Allah ikhlikom.

Mr7ba bik w blmosharakat dyalk :). Please feel free to start your active postings, and help with Darija questions. Concerning cultural matters, most of times different perspectives from members living in different Moroccan cities are very enriching, so your contributions in that are welcome too.
Looking forward to reading your posts.

Mar7ba bîkôm Abdessamad wa Dawny22 - hope you’ll enjoy this site as much than I am !


Thank you all for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

ur welcome :smiley:

don’t ask me how i came across this, i’ve been exploring SM like as if i was new :lol:

salam. can you help me with darija?

YES, u can just ask questions in the forum and we will help:D