Assalamu alaikum

I just found this forum and look forward to interacting with many members. It will be a great place to practice and learn Darija.

Wa 3alaykom assalâm! Welcome to the forum, Habrifaqir.
Where are you from? And what makes you interested in Darija?
Is Faqir your family name? Do you know what it means?
See you around.

Assalamu alaikum

Currently I am in America. The kunya, habrifaqir is a descriptive name, essentially describing what I am. Yes, i am well aware of what a faqir means, both from an Islamic perspective and in the common language. My interest in Darija is multifacited. I have been in Morocco, Maghrib, a few times, and insha’Allah, will retire there one day.

In sha Allah, mr7bâ bîk any time.
But what does habri mean then?

Assalamu alaikum

The habri part is from the name of an Muslim Alim I knew. His family name was Al-Habri and because I studied with him I have chosen the kunya habrifaqir, as a form of respect for him. While it is a somewhat unusual kunya, I like it because it keeps his name alive and allows me to use a unique name. This in turn allows people to remember me, due to the uncommon name.

Ah okay, thanks for explaining. I always like to understand what nicknames stand for.
Do you speak fus7a and can read Arabic?

Assalamu alaikum

My Arabic is mostly limited to Qur’anic Arabic. I can read Qur’anic Arabic and know how to communicate using words and phrases from the Qur’an Karim but I am limited otherwise. Hence my joining this forum and the desire to learn Darija.

Wa 3alaykom ssalam :).
It’s good that you had started with Quranic Arabic, so that you understand what you’re reciting for your prayers :).
You can try with some of the exercises we have in the exercises section, and ask away to wipe any doubt you have.

wecome to the forum habrifaqir!!

Assalamu alaikum

Shukran for your greeting MarocRulz

your welcome

Faqir! Salam! What a small world the internet is.
I remember you from another forum. How is your princess? :slight_smile:

Assalamu alaikum Bnita

Barak’Allahu fik, for your welcome! You have me at a disadvantage, as I do not recognize your forum name. The internet can indeed be a small place. As for bint faqir and the rest of my family, Alhamdulillah, they are all well. I know where you know me from; what was your name there? You obviously belonged to this forum when we crossed paths in the other forum, judging from your registration date. I have recently found this one, and I have great expectations of learning Darija here. Insha’Allah, we hope to retire in Maghrib in a few years. Plans are being implemented and we have wonderful contacts.

Wa Salam

Wa 3alaykom assalam wara7mato llahi ta3ala wa barakatuh habrifaqir :slight_smile: Nice to have you among us.

Welcome to the forum and welcome to Morocco !

:welcome: habrifaqir, hope that u will like the forum…

Faqir, I sent you an email. I hope you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

haribfaqir, i also remember seeing u in another forum, u use to post in the islamic section right?