hello to all, (^^,)

im new to this site, and i thank God that it exisits! Im irish, married to a Moroccan man and i struggle with his language, it’s turning into a language barrier and i feel like he’s getting impatient with me always asking for translations for comments on his internet profiles, id love in the future to be fluent and be able to converse with my husband and his family in their native tongue :O)

welcome here best of luck in using the site to learn darija, there are many resources here to find.

thank you

mar7aba biki … welcome ! :slight_smile:

shukran :smiley:

mar7aba bzzaf cead millé failté :wink:

dalton :slight_smile: go raibh mile maith agat :smiley:

mar7aba bik m3ana !

shokran pakyrus :slight_smile: but after mar7aba, wat does ur comment translate to! lol :slight_smile: i’ve been on here for hours reading thru the verbs and adjectives etc, my brain is absolutley asleep now :smiley: i’d love to get a list of furniture common in most houses so i could stick postits up all over the place to help me remeber and learn… i have the word for window!! :smiley:

anyway! its sleep time, rbbi ykhllik ntshawfo ghdda inchAllah :wink: