Hi to all,
I am also new here and found this page by searching a translation for an expression I heard from a friend. Since I am always interested in languages of countries I travel or travelled to, I would love to learn better maroccan arabic, incha allah, and hove you can help me with that :slight_smile:
Thanks already … and I am happy to be here and learn from all of you!

Salam Zwina :slight_smile:

We are always happy to see new people here

Feel free to ask anything you want. Guys are always ready to give a helping hand :slight_smile: They are so nice!

See you around

welcome zwina


hi zwina :smiley:
mre7ba w alf mre7ba :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forum, Zwina. And nice nickname you have.
We hope that you’ll like our forum, and that we’ll see you around very often.

Merhba bik ya zwina!

glad to have u among us

Enjoy ur stay at sm! :slight_smile:

Hy Bruce
i really like d this forum well i also ask to my friends to join this forum these is a lot of information in this forum
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