salam how r u? i hope u r all ok i’m a new member here i’m moroccan and i live in casablanca i hope to have new friends inshaalah

mimi welocme to SM i soo happy that ur with us u will have fun here
love u

Hi :wink:

Nice to meet you. Make sure all people here are very nice :slight_smile:

…mmm… you are from Casablanca :stuck_out_tongue: I like Casa very much. How is everything there ?


casa is great right mimi???

thanx samu and touta it’s good i wish u can visit it inshaalah

hahahahahah samia u love her from the first post mmmm intersting :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome mimi :wink:

lol she is my best friend mad
i was expecting u will say that :mdr:

love u[/quote]
mimi love u
u know each other???
i see, best freinds jjj
marhba mimi

by checkin everyone out

well thats what makes it fun is to check the others and yes mimi is my bf

cooooooooolllll … :stuck_out_tongue:
and is she zmagria like u ??? hhhhhhhh

shut up lol im not bzaaaf 3lik


baghi thacharni walah dak nhar la jak

la yak hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bach hadi ??? b andaloussia ???

la bal7assania

welcome shadowmina, a new casawia to the forum, yiiii3 we’re all gonna be speaking like “wech ntchi la bas” soon :open_mouth:

:smiley: mr7ba bik

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i told u samia … casawiyat are sooooo famous looollll

another casawiya on board :smiley:

welcome shadowina :slight_smile:
hope enjoy ur stay and see you around


thank u yes i’m casawiya and proud of it hamdolillah