Bonjour à tous. Came across your site and wanted to join. 3žbni had l-mawqi3. Maarten.

mr7ba bik maarten!


where ae you joining us from? :hap:
you speak french, yaaaay!
a bientot inchallah! :smiley:

Merci Tukha.

Welcome to SpeakMoroccan, Maarten.
Do you have any specific reason to learn Darija? You could’ve been learning German instead, mathalan ;).

I see that you’re using the ž transcription, inspired from the PC manual? Just a note though, this might be confusing for your Moroccan readers, because it might just look a z, and your 3jbni becomes 3zbni, and wouldn’t make sense.
I understand that for English native speakers, it’s important to differentiate between the English J (dj), and the Arabic J. But it’s also interesting to see this from a Moroccan perspective.

See you around!

Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep that in mind. My reason for studying darija is not necessarely work-related. I liked the sound and the rythm of the language and thought it would be challenging to decipher this dialect. I was quite right!

hey Maarten!
Welcome to the forum!
See you around

It’s just that basically, people who learn Darija either learn it because they go often to Morocco for work, or they are in a relationship with a Moroccan. Sometimes just being friends with Moroccans make people intrigued and want to learn bits of the language.
I am often curious to know what brings people to learning Darija. Hence, my question.