Hi, I’m a peace corp volunteer living in Azilal. I already speak relatively good berber, but started studying darija last month for when I go to the big cities. I look forward to using the website as a resource.

hwy hammu welcome

mr7ba bik hammu !


wow, lucky you. Feel free to drop by the ‘Tachel7it’ section of the forum and drop some berber words for us aye? :smiley:

Welcome and enjoy your stay.

Welcome to the forum, Hammu. That’s your Moroccan name? :slight_smile:
What Berber do you speak? Is it Tamazight like in Ouarzazate?

I hope that you’ll like it with us here, and that you’ll get all the help you need.

See you around.

Yes that’s my Berber name. The Tamazight Berber that is spoken just north of Quarzazate around Kelaa of M’Gouna is really close to what I speak. The only difference is what I speak has a lot more Tashelhit in it.